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You will always want your customers to have a pleasant and safe shopping experience when they visit your business premises and the same applies if you have an office and are welcoming visitors.

Arranging adequate insurance coverage is a key priority when you go to, for example, and another prime objective would be to have the right health and safety procedures in place.

Here is a look at some of the main safety measures you need to adopt in order to keep your customers safe.

Preventing a slip or fall

One of the most common causes of a lawsuit is when a customer is injured by suffering a slip or fall that could have been avoided.

It is a requirement that a claimant needs to demonstrate that you were negligent and knew that there was a chance that an accident could happen because you had not acted to resolve a potentially dangerous situation.

A good example would be if there was a loose or uneven floor surface that you hadn’t repaired promptly.

Inspect your premises regularly and deal with any potential hazards if you want to reduce the prospect of someone making a claim against your business for an accident that could have been avoided.

Be proactive rather than reactive

The most obvious way of avoiding an accident occurring on your premises is to take preventative measures to avoid an incident happening at all.

Accidents can and do happen but if you have robust health and safety procedures and check the condition of your property frequently and act promptly to rectify a hazardous situation, such as a ripped carpet, this should help avoid someone getting injured.

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Warning signs

It is always a good idea to warn customers and employees of any potential hazards that they need to be aware of.

If you have identified a potentially hazardous situation or there is a temporary issue such as a spillage it is essential that you use adequate signage to highlight and warn customers of the problem.

If you don’t place any warning signs and someone gets injured it could easily leave you exposed to an expensive legal claim.

Make someone responsible

Making all employees aware of good health and safety measures is essential but it is also vital that you appoint someone to become your designated health and safety officer.

Choose a suitable employee who is happy to take on the responsibility and consider arranging for them to go on a health and safety course so that they are able to ensure that your company is compliant at all times.

You need to create a health and safety policy

One of the most fundamental aspects of meeting your company’s health and safety obligations is to have a written health and safety policy in place.

There are several compelling reasons why a written policy is so crucial.

Firstly, it confirms that you take health and safety seriously and secondly when you have a written policy it can help mitigate your level of risk by outlining what is expected of anyone on the premises.

Treat your customer’s safety as a top priority and it should help keep the prospect of an accident on your premises to a minimum.


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