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We all want to earn money, but most of us do not want to do tedious jobs, which is why there is a need to come up with jobs that are fun and exciting.

To help you pick the right one, here are five cool jobs.

1. Writing

Believe it or not, writing can be fun. If you are someone who enjoys sharing their ideas then consider making writing a career. You may choose to be a full-time writer, or join it as a part-time writer.

Think of J.K. Rowling, she is one of the most famous writers today and she only started as a full time. She knew her potential, and is making millions today and is one of the richest women in the world.

You can too find such success.

Writing needs no prior experience or education per se. You can join one of the freelancing platforms to find your first gig, or just write something and sell it to publishers.

Full-time writers make around $50,000 per year, and freelancers make about $20 per hour.

2. Animation

Animation is one of the fastest growing fields out there. You see it everywhere, from movies to television shows to even websites.

The opportunities are endless, but pick this one only if you enjoy being creative and creating new stuff using your own mind.

You will need a degree in animation and a bit of experience in order to make it big.

Full-time animators make around $70,000 per year, but you can work as a freelancer earn up to $50 per hour.

3. Architect

This job needs proper education and degree, but it is a lot of fun. However, it will be a while before you get any big projects as most people shy away from hiring fresh architects, which is why you will have to first find a good internship opportunity.

You get to design buildings, monuments while earning a good amount of money with most making around $90,000 per year.

Architecture was once considered to be a difficult job, but now thanks to better technology.

4. Becoming an Uber driver

If you love being behind the wheel then this can be a great opportunity for you. All you need is a car and driving license to join as a driver. However, your car must meet Uber’s requirements.

The amount of money you make depends on a number of things including the hours that you put in and the type of car that you drive. Nonetheless, it is an easy way to earn money. Plus, Uber and other ride sharing service providers even allow you to work part-time. Click here to read how to Make $1,000 a Week as a Rideshare Driver.

This job is fun because you get to be your own boss and just drive around. Plus, you get the chance to interact with different people without any pressure.

More and more people all around the world are jumping the bandwagon and signing up to be drivers for Uber and other similar companies.

5. Teaching Whatever You Love

Teaching might not be the most exciting option on paper, but think of teaching something you love and it suddenly becomes great.

For example, if you are a musician, you can begin to teach music. This way you will not only able to live your hobby but also make money while transferring your talent to others.

This will allow you to be creative and give you great satisfaction as well. Moreover, the money can be good, too.

You may sign up at an institution or give lectures online. The options are endless. You can teach anything from cooking to makeup to maths. Just think of what you love and make it a career and you will never get bored.

That’s it. Now that you know five fun and exciting jobs, we are sure you would have no problem in choosing a career. Make sure to pick something you can do well so that you continue to grow in life and find more opportunities.

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