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Japan is famous for its sushi more than it is famous for instigating America to the Second World War. This means that they are a country of progress, chasing to maximize their strength other than negativity. They have, over the years proven a force to reckon with not only in business but also in other fields. They are a people united under the emperor and a democratic government that has seen the growth of the business atmosphere and encouraged international investments on their business elite.

Therefore, if you were to hold a business in Japan, the following are necessary:

1.Respect your Elders

Their culture of respect teaches that you should respect your elder whether you know them or not, it seems a little farfetched does it not. However, it is not; this has been so for a long time and it still is. Another important thing to note that could shape your future, the Japanese are a very observant people and notice anytime you disrespect and older person, they do not take it kindly. The bow is a special greeting showing mutual respect in Japan; however, for elders and people of stature the bow is deeper than for your peers.

2.Cleanliness – Next to Godliness

Cleanliness draws the Japanese to you, they value for they see this as a virtue in their culture. They also value your products because they believe that the products, just as your premises are clean and are good to use. You could be selling something they are not familiar with they will still appreciate it because of the outward image of your shop.

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3.Taxes cannot be Overlooked

The Japanese tax services are very serious when it comes to collecting revenue. If for any reason, you fail to pay tax they will look for you find you and imprison or fine you. After such a conviction, the fiercely patriotic Japanese people might shun your business and not come in at all. You might be forced to lose down after such an experience. Paying taxes is part of the law in Japan; it is vital that you hold a registered business and constantly file your tax returns with the tax services.

4.Be Open Minded

The orient has many cultures, many opportunities arise from these ventures and as a businessperson maintaining an open mind might work to your advantage. You might learn other things about your business that will attract Japanese businesspersons to you.

5.When in Rome 

The most important thing in business is to fit in and to let your products stand out. Fitting in with the people and the businesspersons makes them accept you and this way you can learn the business environment, where to go and where not to.

The Japanese culture is very spiritual, a culture that seeks peace and harmony. They are predominantly Buddhists, Shinto and their philosophy encompasses around the teachings of Buddha, kami.  They have a strong tradition that has been kept alive by passing it down generation after generation. Their fame is particularly because of this culture and tradition. This culture is even exhibited in their business meetings, political meetings and sports events.

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