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Most people are not environmentalists, but they all agree on saving money, time and health. When you approach a paperless office from this perspective, most people would agree. In general, most people tend to ignore these sweeping causes to save the world, but they are always into improving their bottom line. If you are trying to convince the office to go paperless, consider these benefits:

1. Security and Green Practices

Paper statements are usually mailed to the office and are often just lying around until someone reviews the documents and files the documents in a cabinet. These papers must be filed, and there must be physical space for the paper storage. With paperless statements, there is less chance of the statements being lost or viewed by unsuspecting people because the papers are stored online. Paperless reporting ensures the safety of documents and prevents losses.

Paperless communication reduces the amount of paper consumed by a company. Many companies use recycled paper but this is not enough. Paperless reporting is more economical and easier to store long term without paying for additional physical storage.

2. Storage is Easier

Storage is easier when documents are stored electronically. Many documents are stored online in PDF format. Storage is much easier when the files can be stored in a web-based application and accessed from any location remotely. Statements are physical documents that must be copied and transported with the user. This is the only way to have the information on file.

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3. Paperless Storage Saves Time

You save time when you have the information stored electronically. Instead of going to a physical location to view a statement, the statements can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone in any location with a secure Internet connection. This saves time because reading documents becomes as easy as reading an email. Since time is money in most instances, saving time will also save companies money.

4. Paperless Storage Saves Money

Consider the amount of money saved on printers, ink and paper when all documentation is sent paperless. Manpower is also saved when a physical body is not required to deliver mail. This saves other companies money, and the savings can be passed to you. Some companies offer incentives for receiving paperless statements. They may waive the maintenance fees on your accounts or offer other discounts. Many companies are embracing the paperless revolution.

5. Easier to Manage and Sort Electronic Documents

Electronic documents can be stored according to an organized filing system. When the documents are stored properly, the retrieval is easier. With the document management system, electronic document storage and management are recommended.

Going Paperless is a Novel Idea

Going paperless is a novel idea. Every office should go paperless to save the environment and save money. When companies witness the time saving benefits, there will be little opposition to the migration. Consider going paperless to save time, money and yourself.

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Linda is a new business owner from New Zealand. She has recently decided to go paperless and use Servcorp virtual offices as a way to save money and kick start her business.


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