I’ve been talking about importance of social media as a marketing tool since I started writing for this blog. I still cannot prove enough how social media is important nowadays if you are running an online business.

That’s why I decided to prepare another post where I will be focusing on something most people don’t. I will be writing about stupid mistakes people make when they decide to use Social media as a traffic generation tool for their blog or website.

So if you were looking for new ways to improve traffic from networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other, I advise you to read this post very carefully because you simply need to avoid making these mistakes.

So let’s start.

1. Stupid tactic #1: Post whenever you’re free

Posting whenever you are free is not a very good tactic. I know you are very busy, as we all are to be honest, but posting just to post when you are free won’t get you any good.


If you don’t know when you are posting, you practically don’t know who you are targeting. You need to know your audience. What they do, when they are online and so on.

I used tools from Simply Measured to determine the time when my audience is most active online. I figured it out I was doing lot of things wrong so I managed to improve my social media campaign almost instantly.

If you are not free in the time your audience is, just use the tool called Buffer to schedule posts on your social profiles.

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2. Stupid tactic #2: Sell directly through your social pages

Never a good idea. People are just not looking forward to purchase anything directly from Twitter, Facebook or any other social network. Selling them your products or your services through tweets? Worst idea ever.

You need to walk them through a sales funnel which starts by driving them to your squeeze page where you can collect their email address. Only then, you can start selling your product, service, book or anything else.

3. Stupid tactic #3: Gaming your followers number

I know it’s lot nicer to see that you are followed by 140K fans rather than seeing you are only followed by 1K but it’s not about the number of fans. It’s about engagement of each fan. If from 140K fans, no one is interested in what you have to say, then what you are doing?

Wasting time!

Don’t try to fool anyone with buying likes, followers or anything similar. People are clever and they can see that! Plus, it’s a waste of money!

4. Stupid tactic #4: Being to much self-promotional

This one is a tricky one. Most of us concentrate on promoting stuff that will bring some money to us eventually. This is good but focusing on this to much will hurt you. No one wants to see only posts about your product. People will start hating you and then you are gone. Throw an occasional funny post, a discount or just talk to your audience.



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