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You know that the core of making money online are products, physical or digital (downloadable) it doesn’t matter, as long as you can sell it online, it’s a product that will make you money. Now, it’s much easier to sell digital products instead of physical ones, you don’t need to care about damage, shipping, handling and many other things.

It’s true that people are still more interested in something that they can touch, feel, etc.., but don’t underestimate the power of online world and digital products. You maybe will never have chance to feel the product or touch it but they are as useful as physical ones, from softwares, websites, themes to music and movies.

The advantage of selling digital product is that you can sell it fast and sell it anywhere in the world with the matter of clicks. And with all the new technologies like selling your products just through the link you share, it will become even easier for you to make money online selling digital products. You can make a lot of money just by referring people, and from every sale you will get a cut, it’s much easier to earn selling digital products because most of them are not expensive and people buy them very fast.

If you want to know about some of the best websites where you can sell digital(downloadable) products, keep reading. I will share with you some of the websites that I use and where you can sell your digital products. Without much trouble or too much investment or too high fees.

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5 Websites to Sell Digital (Downloadable) Products:

Sellfy – This is the new technology I’ve been talking you about, selling your products through simple sharing of link just got easier. No shopping carts, no worries about someone stealing your download link, and most important, just 5% fees after you receive money from buyer. Upload your product with them and sell it.You will receive money in your PayPal account right after the purchase is made. I’ll use this website again to sell my ebook that I’m about to finish, you guys will be amazed. Sell digital products you create. Upload & sell ebooks, music, videos, software or any other digital product you create. Secure download links are emailed automatically to your customer and you can track everything from your account.


Pulley – Pulley is a simple way to sell your digital art, music, videos, photography, fonts, eBooks, software, and other downloadable products. Plans and pricing are different on this website but still cheap and affordable and pulley doesn’t charge any commission or per transaction fees. You have 14 days of trial period to use any of the packages for free, and the cheapest package is just $6 a month and you can sell 25 products. That is really cheap, if you’re going to make a lot of money from selling your products, this will not represent a problem. Secure download links are emailed automatically to your customer and you can track everything from your account like on previous website.


Uploadnsell – uploadnsell is website that provides you service of hosting your digital files and selling them too. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is to create seller information, upload your file(product), set the price and they will provide you with the buy link to make sure your selling is secure and easy to handle. You can check my previous article and learn more about selling digital products with links using uploadnsell. You don’t have to pay them anything. The service is provided completely free. They ask for 0% of each sales made. Absolutely no catch.

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Digitalgoodsstore – Another amazing website with just 5% fee, upload your product and sell it, very very easy to use. Upload and sell as many downloadable files as you like! With no limits and no risk!They use the latest in Internet security, utilizing Amazon S3 Storage and PayPal Adaptive Payments. Most importantly, if you don’t sell your product then there is nothing to pay! They only take a 5% fee once you make a sale. You can refund your customers directly from Digital Goods Store, no messing about finding your order on PayPal! Create your affiliate program, no hard work, system takes care of everything, you can also follow sales report and analytics about your customers and whole process related to selling your digital product.


Sellwire – Easily upload your digital files and products for Sellwire to host. Share your product link, people download and you get paid instantly. Watch your sales figures and earnings with their easy reports. This is also one of the great websites that shares this new technology and selling your digital products using links and social media which is in high demand right now. People are looking for easier ways to buy their favorite stuff online. Sellwire is in beta right now and it’s completely free to use, so I would recommend you to get in while this offer still lasts.


These are some of the websites where you can sell your digital products online with click of a mouse. Technology that these websites are using is outstanding, fees are low, they made it simple so you don’t need to worry about any technical stuff. Your job is only to provide people with great product, and once you decide to sell it and make money online, check this list and tell me what’s your favorite one.

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