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Freelance work is enormously rewarding. Not only are you your own boss, but dealing with clients directly is an enriching experience. Many people find freelance work empowering but don’t really know where to start. Here’s a list of the top freelance jobs that you can try from anywhere.

#1 Writer

A writer might be the ultimate freelance position, and it takes many forms. Content writers produce content for blogs and websites; copywriters work on advertising material, while ghostwriters write novels on someone else’s behalf, and scriptwriters put dialogue together. Writers source jobs (mainly) via job boards across the internet, allowing them to work fully remotely and fully freelance. It’s also easy to find work via agencies, and as you build a portfolio, you’ll be able to find plenty of private clients.

#2 Driver

There are lots of freelance driving jobs to choose from, including courier and food delivery driver. Longer distance truckers and HGV drivers can also be fully freelance and source shipping jobs from online jobs boards to ensure that they never travel empty. Driving is a liberating experience, and the right driving jobs can take you across countries and even whole continents. If you relish long hours on the road and new places, this might be the career path for you.

#3 Web designer

Anyone with a grounding in coding can set themselves up as a freelance web designer. Web designers do just that: they make websites. This is one of the most varied careers on the list and broadly incorporates graphic design, computer science, coding, and even a knowledge of social media. Briefs can be exhausting and complex, but the sheer variety of work undertaken by web designers means that they always feel creatively fulfilled. 

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#4 Editor

Editors differ from writers in that they don’t actually produce any original content. Instead, you’ll be editing the work of others. This can be an exacting career. You’ll need a degree from a high-level institution and impeccable language/grammar skills. Clients will be paying you to perfect their writing, so it’s easy to gain a bad reputation quickly if you leave typos and mistakes in place. 

#5 Tutor

This is a job that can take you around the world. English language tutors are in high demand. Lots of freelancers combine tutoring with travel, staying in a country for one semester, and then moving on to teach elsewhere. Of course, you can also deliver lessons virtually via Zoom, which frees you up still further. All you need is an applicable degree and the ability to explain information in an easily understandable fashion.

#6 Social media manager

A job that wouldn’t have existed a decade ago, social media managers are nowadays all the rage. If you have a good understanding of how social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter work (especially their algorithms), then you’re well placed to manage another user’s account. Your duties will involve gaining followers, boosting engagement, replying to messages, and general networking. Over time, with plenty of hard work and dedication, you could turn this into a fully-fledged business and help companies all over improve their social media accounts.


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