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On average, people check their phones more than 150 times per 24 hours. That’s the reason for advertising agencies to use SMS marketing.

The phone is the first thing people about in the morning

Almost half of the users say that their phone is the first thing they take in their hands after waking up. In other words, phones are always at hand, and people regularly take to their personal devices when they want to search for new information or see the latest updates from Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

SMS is a way to conduct polls

According to the researchers, SMS is an appropriate way to conduct polls since the response rates are relatively high, near 50%.

The engagement rate of text messages is relatively high

The open rate of SMS messages is close to 100%, and the honest email rate on average is near 20%.

Emails may be unread for a couple of days, while SMS messages are almost always opened at the moment of receiving.

But anyway, SMS marketing is still understated compared to other marketing methods and even the counterpart of SMS – email marketing.

SMS online

There are many ways to use SMS, but there’s also online functionality that makes it possible to use multiple phone numbers without buying them directly from mobile carriers. This system is called SMS online.

SMS online for advertising agencies

Marketing agencies – especially those that specialize in affiliate marketing – need a lot of accounts on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and advertising accounts on Google Ads, Bing, Yandex Direct, and other ad platforms.

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Their accounts often get banned when the ads they promote are not 100% accepted by advertising platforms, like weight loss and extension products and remedies. Affiliate marketers or media buyers don’t have to buy new SIM-cards to register new accounts on social media to promote their products or services. Instead, they can choose a free virtual number for SMS to get their accounts registered and farmed afterward.

Where to get SMS online

OnlineSIM offers an opportunity to register accounts on social media without using your personal phone number. It has a system in place that relies on proprietary software that emulates real SIM-card functionality providing users with phone numbers of entire mobile carriers from more than 30 countries.

Register on social media via SMS online

Every time you want to register an account on any website or online service, you can select the appropriate site in your registered account on OnlineSIM and copy the offered phone number to the registration page on Facebook or any other social platform. After doing so, you’ll receive a confirmation code in your OnlineSIM account. Just copy it to the registration page on Facebook, and your account is ready to use.


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