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With more and more robbery cases making headlines, especially in urban areas, peace of mind of a common man has been long lost. With this alarming rise in robbery events, your home and business are always at risk. On top of it, modern thieves and robbers have become aware of security systems, and now they arrive more prepared in the face of it. If they are prepared, you should be prepared, too.

You cannot tell when, where and how you might get robbed. You are being constantly watched by a potential robber, and if you are not prepared enough, you can be the next victim. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can trick them out and ruin their plans in the face of their preparations.

Take a look at how:

Carry minimum cash with you

Carrying a hefty amount with you will always put you on the robbers’ radar. Robberies take place even in the well-regulated, secure settings. Therefore, you ought to watch out for any suspicious person around you while you are carrying significant cash. Or, why not just strike out the possibility of getting robbed off by simply keeping your cash safe at home or bank? Using credit/debit card for making payments is the safest option you can opt for.

However, if you must carry a certain amount to or from bank, you should opt for security banking in order to be at peace.


Avoid wearing expensive jewelery out in the open

Women love to flaunt their expensive earrings or necklace, unaware of the possibility of being robbed off. No woman would want to part from her expensive jewelery. If you, too, are of the same view, wear jewelery on special occasions only. Regularly wearing jewelery to impress your circle will only make you a soft target for potential robbers to notice.

Record Yourself While Traveling

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Use your Smartphone to record yourself while traveling so that in case someone tries to rob you off, he/she is caught on the video, which you can show to the police for further action. It is also advised to put CCTV cameras on your home or office premises to keep track of every suspicious activity. This could potentially save most of your valuables and a great deal of hassles.

Do not roll down your car’s windows for a stranger

Most robbers appear in the form of a direction-less traveler and stop car owners to ask for directions. If this happens to you, never roll down your car’s windows, as it may land you in the worst situation ever seen or heard of. Keep calm and whisk away swiftly. If the traveler was genuine, he/she would have come prepared with a Map or mobile GPS.

Keep police’s contact on your speed dial

It is always advised to keep police’s helpline on your speed dial, so you can quickly report the incident and get the culprit behind the bars. If you are visiting an unknown city, make sure to get contact details of all the police stations in the nearby vicinity. It’s quick and easy to get all the helpline numbers online, for a given city.

Prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to take necessary measures than to cry over the situation later. Following the above-mentioned tips will certainly keep potential robbers at bay and will give you the desired peace of mind while traveling, walking on road or doing anything like that. Stay Safe!


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