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It’s true: Using video to show potential buyers that you understand their problems and know how to solve them is not just a passing fad. Social Media Examiner reports in their 2012 Social Media Marketing Report that 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. To get your videos in front of your prospects you must use every tool in your marketing arsenal to draw the right viewers in at the right place and the right time.

B2B marketers can use their existing marketing channels to leverage video and CRM strategy to work together to increase sales enablement. Here are eight actionable tips to build long-lasting and profitable relationships with their customers.

  1. Create an online video learning library on your website. Your customers need your help to learn how to best solve their problems. With an online content hub, your prospects can view videos and learn how to apply your specific solution to their business troubles.
  2. Make your about us page more exciting. A well-designed video inserted into your “about us??? page makes sure your site stands out from the competition and tells your brand’s story in a compelling and visual way.
  3. Pre-fill an online learning center with video content for the media. When pitching the media offer them the opportunity to use this video library as a resource for their upcoming stories. For example, when connecting with reporters, journalists or bloggers you could say, ‘We see you write about how to use eLearning to train employees. We have this area of expertise available on our online business video platform.
  4. Use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Quora to position your videos as valuable online resources. On these interactive social media platforms, you can share a link to video content that answers questions and helps readers. By participating in the community and adding value, you present you and your company as thought leaders that offer helpful and educational content.
  5. Business blogging is a great way to market via conversation. Make your content easy to share underneath your video blog posts, so that readers can forward your video content to friends and colleagues without leaving the page.
  6. Drive traffic with direct mail. Whether you are sending letters or postcards, enclose a link to a specific video in the mailer. To track views, make sure to create a unique web link to measure the direct traffic to the video.
  7. Delight the customers at trade shows. At live events, video is an effective event-marketing tool. When attending trade shows, burn a copy of your highest-converting videos on to a DVD. You can pass these DVD’s out as small parting gifts for attendees who stop by your trade show booth and want more information about your products and services.
  8. Use enhanced and interactive eBooks to distribute your video content. A video embedded in your long-form content connects with visual learners and delivers a total experience that includes sight and sound. These keepsake documents transfer well to tablets and other small screen devices too.
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