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Technology is helping to drive businesses into the future. Anyone hoping to enjoy a stable, flourishing occupation should consider embarking on a technology career. Check out the five rewarding tech jobs you should consider.

  1. Data Scientist

Companies large and small are attempting to accumulate data from their users, which they can analyze to shape the direction of a business. As a result, data science is becoming a sought-after field, as more organizations are hoping to hire talented data scientists to propel their business to success. Those with an eye for detail, technology, trends, and mathematics could excel in the role, which offers an average annual salary of $92,089. Learn more about data science graduate programs.

2. Software Architect

A software architect will require you to gain complex technical knowledge, as you will shape the quality of software platforms, tools, and coding practices. It will be your job to determine every design choice, whilst providing a fundamental link between the company’s technology department and management. You must be confident to develop forward-thinking strategies and have a vision for long-term usage and growth.

3. Analytics Manager

Another role falling under the data science umbrella is an analytics manager. Yet, the position is much different to the role of a data scientist, as you will not be responsible for the data analysis. It is your job to both design and implement business intelligence tools and data analysis solutions.

4. IT Manager

With cyberattacks increasing each year, more companies are looking to hire knowledgeable IT managers to secure their technology infrastructure. An IT manager will, therefore, become an integral employee, as he or she will be responsible for the planning, coordinating, and monitoring of all on-site technologies, while directing tasks to other IT employees. What’s more, you will find opportunities in fields that work with technology, which is practically every industry nowadays, so it might never be difficult to discover a new job.

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5. Solutions Architect

Have you got a passion for the latest and greatest technologies? A solutions architect could be a rewarding career for you, as they are solely responsible for researching and deciding on the best technologies for a company to integrate into their operations. A business will rely on you to ensure the best technologies and solutions are implemented, and you will need to work closely with others for successful execution. You may also need to play a role in the designing and engineering of complex systems and software solutions.

6. Product Manager

A product manager will be an industry expert, who will work alongside teams who design and market products to customers. While you will not need complex technology skills to become a product manager, you will need in-depth knowledge on digital marketing, software systems and communication tools, which is why it can be a sought-after role for businesses in all industries.

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