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Cryptocurrency is no longer a thing of the future. It has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s now obvious that it has come to stay. More and more people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency – either to make some quick gains or as a store of value. And that also has led to the tremendous increase of crypto exchanges and brokers in the market. 

Furthermore, it can be heart-breaking if you fall into the hands of the wrong crypto broker. It could cost you the whole of your investment. That is why it is important to look well before you leap in the crypto space. You just have to be sure you are going with the right guy – whether a cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocurrency broker. The type of broker you use will determine how successful you will be with crypto trading and investment. 

In this post, we will be answering the heart-cry question of many crypto investors and enthusiasts. We will be giving our honest review about the Netherlands-based crypto giant, Anycoin Direct. We will show you some reasons we think it will be a good idea to trust them with your cryptos. Of course, we will also tell you some red flags we found about them. Interesting, right? So, let’s get into it.

What is Anycoin direct?

In case you are hearing that name for the first time, Anycoin Direct is a Netherland-based cryptocurrency broker that was created as far back as 2013. That means the company was created just right about the time cryptocurrency was starting to gain foot. And that makes Anycoin Direct one of the oldest crypto brokers in the crypto space. 

The platform was created with the sole aim of making buying and selling cryptocurrency supper easy for all crypto enthusiasts. The three friends who created the platform want to simplify buying and selling crypto to the point that anyone will be able to purchase or sell cryptos without hassle. 

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And judging by the way more and more customers use Anycoin Direct, it is obvious the broker is doing well with its mission. The platform presently has more than 400,000 customers and it’s ranked as one of the top crypto platforms in Europe. 

Looking at the platform at a glance, one would quickly notice that it’s built with beginners in mind. So if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, this might be a good place to start learning how to move your feet around in the space. 

What Are Some Pros of Using Anycoin Direct?

Why trying to dig deep into Ancycoin Direct to have a good idea of the broker and its operations, we found some pros that might interest you. Let’s take a quick run over them.

·      Guaranteed security

This is a very important factor when deciding if a broker is right or not, and we didn’t push that to the back seat either. Anycoin Direct offers a high level of security for its customers. They have good measures in place to make sure their customers’ coins are kept safe. The platform never holds balances from accounts itself, and so guarantees security on your asset even if the platform is hacked. 

·      User-friendly interface

Anycoin Direct has a really intuitive interface. The dashboard is clean and easy to use, even for beginners. So whether you are buying or selling cryptocurrencies, you should have any problem conducting successful transactions on the Anycoin platform without issues. 

·      Excellent customer support

This is another amazing thing we think you should know about Anycoin Direct. The customer support team is superb. They are always available to help customers, and they seem to be very knowledgeable enough to resolve any technical issue you might run into while using the platform. Combing through several customer reviews online about the broker, good support was one thing that was continually highlighted by customers. 

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·      Offers a wide range of cryptos

Different from many brokers we have once reviewed, Anycoin Direct allows you to buy your favorite crypto by offering a wide range of assets on the platform. You can deal in more than 26 different cryptocurrencies, including coins and memes with small names in the crypto space. So, you can always get all that you want from one same platform without having to jump from one broker to the other. 

·      Low transaction fees

This is another amazing thing about the broker. Its transaction fee is very affordable. You won’t be charged any fees as a percentage of your order value. The only fee you pay is based on the blockchain of the crypto you want to buy or sell.

·      Payment is super easy

If having the perfect payment method to buy your cryptocurrency has always been a nightmare for you, then this feature of Anycoin Direct will interest you. The platform offers multiple payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, debit card, or other crypto assets. That way, you can always buy your cryptocurrency with so much convenience. 

·      Fast transaction

Yes, you won’t have to wait forever before your transaction is completed. In just a couple of minutes, you will buy or sell your crypto using Anycoin Direct.

·      Easy registration and fast verification

Registration is not only easy on Anycoin, you will also be verified as quickly as possible so you can have your account running in no time. They have an option for video verification, so there is no waiting in line for many hours to be verified.

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Are There Any Coins to Using Anycoin Direct?

Well, we understand that just as there is no perfect crypto asset for your portfolio, there is also no perfect crypto broker. So we dug a bit deeper to see if there are any cons you should know about Anycoin Direct. Of course, we were able to gather some from their existing customers.

  • Transactions can sometimes be delayed than usual
  • Huge fee on credit card transactions
  • It May take time to include newly introduced coins 

How Can You Buy Cryptocurrency On Anycoin Direct?

If you would be interested in checking this broker out yourself, then we will be glad to walk you through the processes to take. Whether you are buying or selling your cryptocurrency on Anycoin Direct, you can always expect a smooth experience. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Anycoin Direct homepage and register for an account
  • After verification, log in to your account
  • Locate the Buy button on the homepage and click on it
  • Choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy
  • Select your preferred payment method – whether with fiat or not
  • Click on Buy so your transaction can be processed. Once it’s done, you will get your cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet in no time.

Final note

We have reviewed Anycoin Direct, and hence gave our honest opinion about the crypto giant. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about the crypto broker. Let’s hear what you feel in the comment section below. 

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