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In the modern business world, it can be challenging to find time to visit the bank. If you wanted to bid goodbye to countless trips you usually make to the bank, then you should consider taking advantage of banking courier services. These services are based upon the premise of bringing the bank to you wherever and whenever you need it. This is so that you can focus on other important activities of running your business. Today, we will explore some of the essentials you should know about a banking courier service.

What to Look for When Looking for a Banking Courier Service Provider

There are several things you need to bear in mind when looking for the ideal courier service provider. Here are some basic features to look for in a courier service company:

  • Customer Service

When you call the service provider, check the number that you are dialing to make sure you get the right department. Your experiences may significantly vary based on where you call into. Nonetheless, locally based courier services that manage their own calls have fewer communication hurdles, unlike those that have a number at a national call centre. You need a faster communication between you and your service provider to allow for prompt service.

  • Scheduling

Always find a courier that agrees to a pickup schedule that is in line with your business’ needs. Some courier businesses will gladly work with you on a short term notice while others need time in advance for their services that they provide to you.

  • Services Offered
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The services provided by the banking courier service should match your company’s needs. For example, your company may need same-day services to make sure there is a steady cash-flow. Not all couriers provide this service. You should also look for additional services, like coin delivery and weekend pick-up when choosing a courier service.

Process of a Secure Banking Courier Service

A reputable courier company will have its plain clothed cash collection agents visit your offices and discreetly meet the designated employee away from the general public’s view. They’ll then collect the banking that you want deposited. The cash will be secured for transit after which the cash collection courier will leave your premises without drawing unnecessary attention from the public.

All the cash that is collected for depositing is normally sealed in your company’s own branded tamper-evident sachet. This method of securing your money while on transit ensures that the cash in the sachet is not tampered with until it reaches its destination.

There is a register that remains with you at all times as proof that the cash has been collected. Once the cash reaches the bank, the cash collection courier obtains a proof of delivery stamp from the teller for every sachet delivered. You can verify the identity of all the cash collection couriers from the courier company’s online services site.

What are The Benefits of Banking Couriers?

  • Time Saving: You don’t need to send your employee to the bank
  • Ensures your safety and that of your employees
  • Convenient with the flexibility in scheduling
  • Lowered transportation costs
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If you are a business owner who understands that the key to success is reliable and excellent customer service, then you should stop going to the bank yourself; let the bank come to your doorstep. Choose Secure Cash as your banking courier service provider. They have a secure, straight forward and simple cash collection service. You just need to request a quote, and a friendly customer care agent will advise you accordingly.




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