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There you are, looking deserted, demoralized and deranged because your hard work pays you nothing more than few peanuts apart getting some mocking comments that adds further injury to insult. So, how does it feel when your best written article manages to get only mocking comments both from your blogging circle? Yah, yah, I know how it feels. It makes you feel the same sinking feeling and left you dejected in the midst of nothing. But there is way to get things on track and make the mocking comments playing a constructive role. However, it just needs some fine tuning on your part and there you go. Wondering how that can be done? Well, let me explain that thing to you.

Identify: Rather than going at it hammer and tongs, you should try to find out what is triggering the angry feedbacks. Try to master the art of taking criticism into your grace and figure out whether the complaint has any base or not. You may never know some of these criticisms may turn out to be bliss in disguise for your blogging career. Probably the commenter does not have any personal grudge against you and perhaps he is just trying to point out the follies that are glaringly visible to others but still invisible to you. So, go through all negative comments carefully and do not press the delete button at the sight of a comment that does not conform to what you have posted in the blog.

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Humanize: If you want to take the wind out of the sails of criticism, you need to make it appear that you are very much concerned about the grudges. Rather than posting an official response like – “Yes, we are looking into this thing”, you can give your response a human face. Like you may say something like this – ”
Thanks for your response, I am really concerned about the issue you have pointed out and trying my best to fix the issue from the next post onwards.”
This kind of comment will reduce distance and you might end up having a regular and loyal visitor.

Prompt and Proactive: Do not waste time dilly-dallying. Once you spot that someone has commented a negative feedback, you should come in strong support of what you have proposed in the post if you are fully confident but there is no point in getting into hot argument. You can alternatively make him see the other side of the picture. If you take look long time to respond, other may take it as your weakness and the small problem will then be snowballed into a major crisis. So, be proactive and response with your presence of mind once you spot it.
Get Them Involved: It is better to contain the negative feedbacks within the small encompass of your blog. It is good to let your visitors vent their anger via comments. It is better than posting bad things about your blog in more public places like facebook, twitter that usually come with domino effect. So, next time you feel tempted to delete a particular comment, you should think twice.
Do not Get Engaged in the Battle Blindly
If you have been offering excellent service to your customers, you can be sure of one thing that just one or two stray comments are not going to take your business down. If this has been the case, big corporate organizations will be able to take start-ups down just by getting someone posted bad things about them. So, when you are offering quality services and your customers are happy with your service, you may see that some of your loyal customers may come to your defense. So, rather than getting yourself engaged at the very onset, you can wait few minutes to see if any of your existing customers come to your defense of not.

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Do Not take It personally: Yes, because you ever start taking these types of things personally, your personal life will become a veritable hell. Rather, stay cool and take these things professionally instead. As you aspire to lead in your niche, you have to develop a thick skin and never ever stoop to their levels because this will definitely not augur well for your organization.

The above-mentioned tips do not necessarily guarantee you a safe passage but you can follow them religiously, you may be able to see something different in the coming days for sure. Fewer angry feedbacks and better online exposure.


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