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With almost the whole of the nation in debt, and the government itself reaching the debt ceiling this May 2011, and barely managing to escape defaulting on its debt, America needs to pull its socks up. Use of credit cards and unnecessary spending need to be curtailed and debt relief options adopted to pull yourselves out of debts. But will debt relief end the financial tug of war that you are facing in your everyday life? As the saying goes, “best help is self help???, you should help yourselves in keeping your expenditure under control and your finances in your hands. If you start evaluating what are the factors on which majority of your income goes, the most common names would be utility bills including electricity, telephone and gas for the car, shopping for food and shopping for clothes. Here we will discuss how you can save money on clothes.

  1. Forage your wardrobes before buying – You should find out what’s there in your wardrobe before you venture out to buy anything. Most women have items in their wardrobe which they thought were too lucrative to give up, but still have tags attached on them. along with these there may be things that you had decided to wear on a particular special occasion, but ended up wearing something else, thus keeping it intact with the tag on, in your closet. If you search through your closet, you may find a number of such items that will sustain you through the next six months without buying a single piece of garment.
  2. Auction online – There maybe clothes, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe that are in good condition but you are not interested in wearing anymore. Instead of leaving them in your closet to fade with time or discarding them by giving them away to just about anybody, you can actually take them to consignment stores or auction online with a picture taken on eBay. You will at least get some money in return if not the total price of the item. Something is always better than nothing.
  1. Swap garments with friends or family – If you have friends or anybody in the family with similar taste of clothing style, budget and most importantly size, you can swap clothes with them till both your clothes are in good condition. This will benefit both of you by enhancing your wardrobes and not having to spend extra money on it.
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  1. Buy in off season – This is a majorly useful way of buying clothes at lower price. You can buy winter garments in autumn and summer garments in spring and so on. This is because when the clothes are in season, they are more costly but when you buy them out of season when the demand is less, you get them at lower costs.


  1. Research before buying – Before you buy an item at the mall, do a little bit of research on the Internet. It is easier nowadays with the Internet available on your phone. You can just look up the item on the Internet and see how much it is being sold for in different websites. You will find many online retailers, catalogue companies and outlets selling their items at a discounted price. Still better would be to check at home and then go to the mall s that you don’t miss anything out in a hurry.


  1. Don’t buy clothes that you don’t use – Your purchase of clothing items should be in accordance to your lifestyle. If you are a professional, then you should buy more formal wear for your everyday use. If you are a student, then jeans and t-shirts are your everyday wear, so buy them in more amounts.

Thus you can see, how the above 6 tips can facilitate you in saving money on clothes shopping.

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