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With over a billion mobile internet users globally, many businesses have moved to tap into the mobile market by launching mobile websites. In the past, businesses simply developed simple sites using markup languages that could easily be rendered on the majority of mobile phones.

This has over the years evolved and today many businesses are more focused on responsive web design that can be rendered on multiple devices as consumers are increasingly using handheld devices to access the internet. There are many benefits that businesses can accrue by investing in great mobile websites including quality and greater visibility on multiple devices, better image and reputation for your business amongst your clients and the ability to tap into the vast mobile market.

Benefits in terms of your brand image

Having a mobile website gives your business a great image amongst your peers and potential clients. For one, the mobile website is a symbol that your business is embracing cutting edge technology. Secondly, by employing mobile websites or responsive web design geared at the mobile market, you will be able to render consistent quality of your content across multiple devices. Whichever devices your clients will be using, they will get uniform quality which will be more or less the same as what users see when they access your site via their desktop computers.


Get a competitive advantage in your business

If mobile users are able to easily access your content through your mobile websites while your competitors are not offering the same, then you are certainly ahead of the curve in your market niche. Businesses that employ mobile websites have a huge competitive advantage over their rivals in the marketplace.

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Mobile websites are cheap

Mobile websites are a fairly cheap way of targeting the mobile market. Considering that many companies might opt for expensive smartphone apps as an option for reaching out to this market, mobile websites are considerably cheaper and are very low maintenance.  This is because apps development is a relatively costly process and also device specific. Given that consumers use multiple smartphone brands such iPod Touch, iPhones, iPads, Androids or Blackberry, businesses more or less have to build multiple apps that will be easily usable across multiple platforms, a challenge that you will not face with mobile websites.

Opportunities for engagement via mobile

Most mobile websites are now built with functionality that allows for easier user engagement. For example, you will find features such as “Click to Call??? which customers can use to easily contact businesses. Additionally, mobile websites now have powerful geolocation features which allow businesses to render location-based services to their clients thus increasing the conversion rate.


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