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Many people are looking for a big break or an opportunity that will see them in a job making good money. For others, being able to work from home or having flexibility with work hours and location is a priority.

And for many, making a strategic move into a job or a business that has security and a future is highly important. If this all sounds familiar, this article will likely be of great interest.

Cloud computing is becoming big business

In recent years, computing has become big business. With the advent of personal computers and the development of the internet, new jobs opened up in IT and computer sales and repair. Many computer buffs naturally looked towards setting up a business or moving into a job to be around something they loved – computers and computing.

This market steadily became saturated, and lucrative start-up opportunities in these basic positions have all but dried up with the prospect of fierce, established competition.

The next big thing has become cloud technology, and those seeking opportunities should take note of it. Today, more and more businesses are moving their operations to the internet, and more specifically, to the cloud.

Taking a look at the online courses and certifications for this specialist area is highly recommended, and google cloud certification is a good first step.

A range of career opportunities 

It’s clear that the way people are doing business is changing. With more and more people working remotely, this will further accelerate the move towards cloud computing, and so too will more opportunities open up for specialists in this particular field of computing.

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Put simply, a broad range of potential career paths and business niches are opening up, courtesy of cloud technology. 

The cloud computing market has become big business

To give an idea of just how big this market is becoming, consider the following facts:

Worldwide, the cloud computing market was worth a massive $321 billion USD in 2019. And if that doesn’t make the eyes water, this is expected to rise to over $1025 billion USD by 2026. Put very simply, the cloud computing market is going to continue its stellar growth over the next 5 years, and so too are the employment opportunities within it.

Perhaps the next natural question becomes: What kinds of jobs are available?

In the same way personal computing opened up a range of specialist jobs, the cloud computing sector is doing the same thing. In actual fact, cloud technology presents a broad range of job and specialist opportunities. 

Professional jobs range from developers to systems architects. System and data security is a highly important area, and demand for security experts and data specialists is high.

A steady number of business will begin a “cloud migration” process – moving their operations to the cloud. This entails a move from office-based servers to a cloud-based system. As a result, consultants, system administrators, and data migration specialists will be needed in growing numbers.

How do I start?

Firstly, there is no better time to make a start than now. As this technology has grown, the demand for IT specialists who understand is similarly growing. Understanding this is the biggest first step. Seeking out an online qualification should be the next.

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