These days, consumers are very demanding indeed. They want their items yesterday, they don’t want to pay much for delivery, and often they want control over exactly when and how things arrive. This can be a challenge from the perspective of a small business, but there are essential rules that you should follow to ensure you maintain your professional image.


  1. Dispatch Quickly – Your customer might be paying for the fastest courier available, but this is all reliant on you actually organizing the dispatch as quickly as possible. These days, it’s necessary to have a couple of dispatch times a day to make sure that things go out fast, and orders made late in the day still get dealt with.
  2. Keep Costs Down – Customers really don’t like paying a lot for delivery, and in many cases will want it for free, so you need to find out the cheapest way of sending items while maintaining excellent service. As a side note, the cheapest option is not always the best – there are some courier companies that over promise and under deliver.
  3. Pack Well – Broken items result in refunds, lost profits and dissatisfied customers, and you need to avoid this if at all possible. Certain items may be fragile, so you must ensure that they are very well packed. Buying good supplies in bulk will help keep the costs of materials down, and if applicable, it may also be a good idea to see if any of the waste items you use in making your products can be recycled into packaging.
  4. Be Flexible – Some customers will be willing to pay more to have their things delivered at specific times or very quickly. They might even want a service like this one with TNT that delivers the very same day. Not making this option available may well lose you business to other companies that do offer this service, and going the extra mile to help people get their items when they want them will really help build a strong reputation and brand loyalty.
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Follow these four simple rules, and you will be ensuring that your customers remain happy with the standard of your delivery. It’s all part of the overall experience, and you must remember that. The products you sell might be amazing, but you don’t want to let any part of the transaction let the customer down.



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