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Running a small office can be a difficult task. You have loads of jobs that need to get done. But, you only have time to do the really important ones. The little odd-jobs, like cleaning and making food, are often left forgotten. But, these jobs are the cornerstone of the office. Without them; you’ll find that work gets even harder. So, it’s worth making sure that you try and get them handled. In a small space, hiring someone dedicated to doing the jobs is usually a waste. So, this post is going to help you to find new ways to get these little bits of work done.

Offices generate a surprising amount of waste. From food and drink waste from employees, to waste paper and other recycling; there’s always loads to deal with. Even simple jobs like taking out the bins can add up to taking a lot of time. And, if you don’t have bins; you’ll have to spend a long time ferrying waste to a place that you can dispose of it. Thankfully, there are loads of services that operate to help remove rubbish and recycling from businesses. Using a service like this, yo just need a rota to have different employees sort the waste. Then, it can simply be collected and taken away. This is also a great way to make sure that you’re doing as much as you can for the environment. Companies like this will be much better at recycling their waste than the government. And, they’ll probably take it more seriously.

When you have loads of people sharing the same space; mess and dirt are always going to become a problem. Even over the course of a day, it’s possible for an office to become completely overrun. And, when you’re seeing important guests or trying to seal deals; you don’t want to be working around an unclean-office. Most offices hire cleaners to do work for them. In the past, it would be common for a business to hire one person to do this job. But, nowadays, it’s possible to pay another company for their services. Use the Internet to find where to get help with your cleaning. It will make the job much easier for your business to handle. And, it will also improve the standards of the cleaning that’s done.


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Employees will often prefer to be able to get their food from work. Otherwise, they will probably have to leave the site to get their food at lunch-time. In the end, this will always result in staff being late back from breaks and having to go without food on some days. To overcome this, it’s worth finding a way to cater for your staff. What you do will depend on the number of people working in your office. For example, if you only have five employees, you could get away with popping to the bakery each morning to get some food for everyone. Or, if you have a bigger office, you could think about having a food van come at certain parts of the day. There are loads of options.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start ironing out those odd-jobs in the office. It can be hard to make sure that you’re running a tight-shift. So, it’s worth putting in extra effort to ensure that things are going smoothly.


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