Nowadays, the daily jobs are specially designed in such a way that a million dollar to appear as an impossible sum to achieve – we don’t say it is not hard to reach that point, yet it is not impossible to catch the sun light. Most of the people I know that have managed to build up to a million dollar have set up their own businesses and got rid of their daily jobs, filled with stress and frustration. Thus, in case your purpose in life would match the one presented above, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following linest o see how to build a million dollar in 3 years! The next steps are bound to get you a hint on that matter



See Where is the Problem

When making such a big change in your life, realising where is the problem that stopped you from making the billion dollar a lot earlier is the right thing to do straightaway. In many of the cases, the problem is the person itself – he or she would always make a bad choice when it comes to the business idea – not too original, not too appealing or not at all linked to his or her life.


Final Destination is a Myth

When it comes to building up to a million dollar, hearing the encouraging lines of having a final destination is not your point in here. Trust me, when someone tells you how easily it is to get to a point, there is nothing worse than that – mainly because you start thinking it is not as hard, you can also take some breaks and thus all your efforts will be all gone away – and it is an experienced way to kick your million dollar off the trail.

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Don’t Let your Time be Wasted

One of the most important things to keep into your mind would be not wasting a single second from your life – instead, try to take advantage of them as much as you possibly can to make it and reach your goal, which would be building your first million dollar. By the time you have them in your three year period, you will start loving your life and strategy that you just brought into your life! So, what are you still waiting for?


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