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An internationally recognized MBA should be your postgraduate qualification of choice if you are a business professional looking to progress in the world of management.

Why Study For An MBA?

An MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University can significantly increase your earning potential and broaden your career prospects, enabling you to climb the career ladder with great speed and confidence and give yourself a genuine edge over your closest competitors. Whether you wish to progress within your current organization, change your career path or pursue an entrepreneurial route, an MBA will provide you the knowledge and insight you need to run a successful business in Canada and beyond.

If you choose to study a part time MBA while in full-time employment, you will be able to improve your workplace performance as you seek to apply your newly learned classroom concepts to your workplace responsibilities. If you are currently in a technical or functional role, an MBA will grant you the chance to make a successful transition into a general management role. The course will also teach you to develop new ways of thinking, enabling you to transform your approach to decision making and gain the entrepreneurial skills and professional and personal contacts you will need to shape your future career.

What Does An MBA Involve?

An MBA course will teach you all the main aspects of business administration, including finance and accounting, economics and marketing. You will be able to specialize your general MBA degree by choosing from strands such as financial management, innovation and entrepreneurship, international business management, and organizational behavior.

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The majority of your learning will derive not from formal teaching but from close collaboration and networking with your fellow students. Teamwork and group projects therefore form a key component of the course.

A part time MBA course will usually take you between two and five years to complete. In comparison to a full time MBA, a part time course will enable you to balance your studies with your personal and professional life. It will also enable you to earn money and hence, pay for your studies as you progress towards your qualification.

Am I Eligible To Apply?

To apply for an MBA with Wilfrid Laurier, you will require an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. During your time at university, you must have scored a minimum of 73% in the final year of study. You must also supply at least three letters of reference and evidence of at least two years’ full-time work experience.

Why Study At Wilfrid Laurier University?

When you invest in a Wilfrid Laurier University MBA, you will obtain an internationally recognized qualification from one of Canada’s most prestigious universities and gain access to some of the world’s best business minds. Following graduating, you will possess the skills and knowledge you require to excel as a top level manager in your chosen discipline. You should therefore consider the program to be a personal and professional investment, as it will not only give you more options in your career but it will also pay dividends for many years to come.

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