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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader, you always have something new to learn. Improving your trading strategies is an essential condition to achieve high performances and make money. However, finding the best resources to develop as a trader might be tricky sometimes. The obvious answer to the question above is the Internet, but you need to refine your search and pick the most helpful resources that help you reach success. Today we will discuss such assets and how they help you convey the best trading strategies.

  1. Professional Webinars

One of the best resources for learning everything you need to know about trading, CDFs, Forex, strategies, and successful plans is a professional webinar. As a beginner, you usually work with a broker. Many broker agencies offer their clients free (or very cheap) training sessions and workshops. They typically teach you how to use different trading platforms, understand concepts, and start your trading training.

2. Admiral Markets

As indicated by, depending on your level of trading experience or your particular interest in trading you can also participate in investment expert webinars. In comparison to blogs and books, webinars offer you the chance of interacting with the world’s foremost experts in trading and gain useful information by communicating with them. During such video conferences, you can learn more than theory – you can see experts at work, sharing real-life examples and challenging you to come up with your plans and ideas.

3. Internet Blogs

You will find plenty of internet-based resources to learn more about trading on Forex, futures, and options markets, but they are so many it is hard to choose among them. We will present you with a refined selection of blogs and forums for traders to gain knowledge and access the best resources.

4. Forex Factory

Featuring the profiles of some of the best and most famous traders in the world, Forex Factory may arguably be the best Forex-based internet resource for traders to learn and exchange knowledge and experience with others. The blog offers comprehensive Forex community integration and in-depth resources regarding trading strategies for any trader, no matter the type or level.

As resources go, Forex Factory also offers financial news (essential to convey a strategy), a Forex calendar, and blog posts from reputable Forex traders, forums, data, and trends. If you are new to trading and look at it as a way of making some money from home with less known types of investments, you should check out this rich platform.

5. is a specialized platform dealing with futures and options markets resources. Traders worldwide find here a handful of quotes, charts, and news, trading tools, charts, publications, educational courses, and other resources. Moreover, if you are in need of the latest financial news related to stocks, futures, forex, mutual funds, political and economic events, you want to check out this website daily.

You will also appreciate the analyses and perspective shared by some of the most famous financial analysts and traders in the world.

6. Baby Pips

One of the best Forex blogs to follow in 2018, Baby Pips, is perhaps one of the most useful, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow Forex trading resources for beginners. An incredible place for finding tips and understanding concepts and strategies, Baby Pips enjoys massive community support. The dedicated section for The School of Pipsology – seemingly the most popular Forex trading course in the world.

Baby Pips is a must-follow internet resource for all beginner traders and seasoned ones wanting to share their knowledge and experience.

7. Books

Books will never be out of fashion whereas representing still some of the best resources for education on all possible levels. When it comes to trading, we have a few titles to recommend you. They make timeless sources of knowledge and teaching.

“Trading in the Zone,” by Mark Douglas

An acclaimed title, Trading in the Zone focuses on trading psychology, analyzing the “people factor” in commodity price action, cognitive and behavioral patterns that negatively affect trading, and risk management strategies’ development, among others. Trading in the Zone is both a self-development and trading book, and you should give it a spin.

How to Make Money in Stocks,” by William O’Neil

Some may say that the stock market and stock trading have changed in the past years, but the truth is many things are perennial, such as the best timing strategies for entries and exits. This classic title also features in-depth analyses of the finding future big winners in the stock market by employing the CANSLIM system.

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom,” by Van K. Tharp

Another gem of a timeless book, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom does not offer one-size-fits-all strategies or recipes but helps beginner traders to build their trading plans. Veterans also have plenty to learn from this book, as it tackles sensitive issues such as investor psychology and system construction. While the markets did change from 1998, the book is still useful if you are a beginner trader on the course of developing his successful trading system.

Final Thoughts

Besides these three main information and education resources on trading, we also recommend you subscribe to some newsletters. Many come from expert traders who share their insights and analyses regularly. Moreover, many specialized financial publications have dedicated trading newsletters filled with the latest market shifts, political and economic news, market sentiment analyses and more. Never forget that constant learning is one of your best chances to stay ahead and have success in your trading efforts.

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