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The mobile phone industry is thriving. To the outsider it is an absolute money pit, with people committing huge amounts of money to new mobiles phones on a two yearly basis the country over. Phone companies cannot wait to develop a new phone with a few minor tweaks, safe in the knowledge that their adoring public will lap up the minor changes, getting in line to purchase the next iPhone, Nexus, Samsung or Sony mobile phone that is about to drop off the conveyor belt. Most of us are suckers for a new piece of technology, and the phone companies know it, and perhaps rightly, take advantage. This of course is just the start, if you want a great phone, you’ve got to pay a great price, but right up behind the big cost you are going to incur for buying the phone in the first place, is the giant networks just desperate to charge you through the nose for data policies which actually enable you to use the devices. They also have some pretty cunning ways of making you pay too.

24 Month Contracts

First up is the dreaded 24 month contract which offers a ‘free’ smartphone as bait. Yes, you’ll get your hands on an all singing, all dancing mobile phone that boasts snapdragon quad core processors that could outperform your PC, a 16 million megapixel camera that embarrasses your average point and shoot digital, and a screen that makes most HD TV’s look positively blurry, but you’ll certainly pay for it! A 24 month contract for something like a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a decent amount of talk time and browsing data is likely to cost you in excess of £800 over the course of the contract, and it’s likely to be as high as £1000 once you’re done. What’s all the more painful is that halfway through the contract, you’ll no doubt see the phone you opted for, tumbling down in price! It seems like it’s pretty hard to win.

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People Are Wising Up!

Well, whilst we all think that people are ready to shell out money willy-nilly to get the phone they want, it does seem that some people are wising up, and some people are also finding some value in the market place. That value comes in the way of SIM only contracts.

SIM Only Contract

A SIM only contract is simply a contract for a SIM card, and a pre agreed data, call and text plan attached. You buy the SIM card in-store, which should be useable with all unlocked mobiles, and you simply put it into a pre purchased phone. Right away, this means that you get to dictate the amount you pay for your phone first off, which should be viewed as a good thing. If you can’t afford the latest iPhone, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. You get to look at your finances, and choose the phone that is right for your pocket, as well as for what you need to use it for. Secondly, you get to pick a SIM only deal that works for you in terms of the amount of calls, texts and data you require.

SIM Only Flexibility

There are people out there who are nattering away on their phones all day, but rarely even go online on their phones. If this is you, then you are sure to be able to find a phone which offers plenty of talk time, without the masses of data. Obviously doing this saves you money. Likewise, you might love browsing the web on your phone, but tend not to speak on it too much. On this occasion, you should be able to find a plan that suits your need too, and again you’ll save by not requiring a huge amount of call time in your plan. You’ll also find a huge amount of flexibility with SIM only deals. If you have a mobile phone that is already attached to a certain network, then there’s no need to worry.

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All of the major networks offer SIM only contracts, and they are all competitive with each other. This means that if you are looking for Orange SIM only phone contracts, you should be able to find an excellent deal which is comparable to any other network’s offering, no matter what sort of plan you need. SIM only offers a great best of both worlds scenario, which sits somewhere between a normal contract and a pay as you go set up. It’s more affordable than both and really lets you choose a plan for your phone that works for you. The choice is plentiful, and with 30 day or 12 month contracts to choose from, you can retain all of that power that you deserve to hold, since it’s you that is paying out all of this money!

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