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Have you always dreamed of having a high-powered career in the business world? If you know that you want a career in business, consider the careers below. These job prospects are expected to pay well and experience growth in the coming years.

Executive Assistant

The role of executive assistant is demanding but often extremely rewarding. As an executive assistant, you’ll work closely with your managers to assist them with day-to-day activities, such as scheduling. Key traits for executive assistants include attention to detail, impeccable organizational skills, and a positive attitude. Depending upon the size of the company, this job might require a calm, level headed individual who can stay cool under pressure and deadlines. If you enjoy working with and helping others, you’ll likely enjoy a career as an executive assistant. In most cases, there’s room for upward mobility after a year or two in this position.


In most accounting positions, you’ll need to have excellent math skills and attention to detail, as you’ll be handling the company’s most sensitive and confidential financial records. If you’re interested in becoming an accountant, a bachelor’s degree is required, but a master’s degree or above is highly preferable. If you’ve always wanted to go back to school to earn your master’s degree but you haven’t been able to find a school that’s compatible with your busy schedule, it’s possible to get a masters in accounting online right from your own home. There are several different types of accounting available, including forensic accounting. To learn more about the field of forensic accounting, click here.

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Event Planner

Do you love the feeling you get after planning the perfect party? If so, you’ll likely enjoy working as an event planner. Of course, life as an event planner isn’t just about planning parties, but you’ll work with others on a daily basis to plan meetings, conferences, and fundraisers. This is often the ideal career for extroverts who thrive when they’re able to work with others to plan important aspects of business social life. If the idea of planning the company’s elaborate holiday party each year is exciting instead of dread-inducing, consider a career as an event planner.

Financial Analyst

A career as a financial analyst is a wonderful choice for those who like to work with people, numbers, and keep up to date on current financial trends. If you choose to pursue a career as a financial analyst, you’ll need to keep an eye on financial news in order to give your clients sound business advice. If you like to keep track of financial trends and you’d enjoy speaking with clients about their investment choices, this career could be for you. However, financial analysts must be prepared to log long hours in the office and maintain a professional attitude even when clients disagree with the advice given.

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you must possess a creative mind and the ability to write and communicate effectively. In addition to working with the design department to create beautiful and eye-catching advertisements, you’ll need to manage a wide array of social media platforms and analyze the data that you receive.

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