As a business owner you want to do all you can to get the most out of your business, at all times. You want to see it flourish. You want to see it topple its competition and become a market leader. But don’t you want to see yourself progress too? Have you forgotten that burning desire you had within yourself during your younger years of wanting to be the best version of yourself possible? Just because you are an owner of a business, it’s not all about your business, you know. It’s about you too.

It’s about not letting your own progress stagnate as you put all your effort into your business’s progress. Whether this progress come in the form of going back to school and updating your education and enhancing your business acumen. Whether it means taking time away from the tasks you are normally faced with in order to learn about other aspects of your business and the business world in general. Or whether it means devoting your efforts into being more of ‘hands on’ kind of boss rather than one who sits behind their desk all day. Whatever you think will help yourself progress as a business owner and as a person, you do it. Remember, there’s only so far a business can progress when it’s owner isn’t progressing.

If you truly want to progress yourself you need to find a balance between your life at work and your life outside of it. Nobody, let alone a business owner, has the capabilities to be able to work seven days a week, every single week of the year. If you try to do so then you are instantly making it impossible to get the best out of yourself. By running full steam over a prolonged period of time you will soon find you are running on empties. And when you’re running on empties neither you nor your business can progress. This is because you may be too tired to ensure that necessary tasks are optimised. You may get to a point where you can’t face the work stacking up on your desk because you are sick of it. Or you may even make yourself physically ill, which of course would then mean that self-progression has to be shelved as a period of recuperation takes place. So, you should try to refrain from working six or seven days a week, and should only do so when you have to. And you should always shut up shop on national holidays. To do so you will have to have the right cover in place so that, whilst you are on a break, you can rest assured everything is progressing as it should be in your business. And if you close up your business and your premises for a prolonged period of time, say over the Christmas and New Year season, then you should ensure you have a security solution in place. Thieves will see the fact that you are seemingly out of the office as the perfect chance to try to ransack you. To stop them you should hire a short term protection solution that will keep your workspace safe from thieves whilst you are away from it.

So, the moral of the story is you need to devote time to your own progression, rather than just the progression of your business. And you need to allow yourself enough rest time in order to be able to facilitate this progression!

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