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In the last couple of years, the term ‘sharing economy’ is something that has been on many people’s lips. If you are still not 100 percent familiar with what it is referring to, it basically means private individuals buying and selling their services using the internet as a platform. If you need an example of just how big this has become recently, just think of the runaway success of Uber and Airbnb.

The beauty of the sharing economy is that more and more people can generate a second source of income. Of course, the internet has opened up so many opportunities to make money online, many of which can be found on If you are looking for some ideas of just how to generate so extra cash through the sharing economy, this is the blog for you.


Rent Out A Room

We have already mentioned Airbnb, but more and more people are using platforms like this one to advertise their spare room and make a steady stream of income. Whether you are looking for a long term lodger, or just someone to rent your family home to while you are on holiday, this could well be a viable option for you.

Offer Storage Space

If renting out a room of your home seems too much for you, another option could be to offer storage space in your house. Particularly in busy towns and cities, storage space is at a premium so filling up your spare room with boxes rather than people may be the option for you!


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Rent Out Your Driveway Space or Car

In crowded city centres, parking space can be very limited which means that your driveway could be very valuable. And you may well be able to find someone who only needs it during working hours, which means that it is space you don’t need anyway! An alternative is to rent out your car itself, though of course this requires a great deal more trust and will need more planning and organisation.


Do Odd Jobs


The internet has provided a great link between people who need jobs doing, and those that have the skills to complete these tasks. If you have any particular skills around the home or garden, chances are you will find someone who is willing to pay for them. Alternatively, if you need to find someone to do jobs for you, you could well free up your own time to focus on other things such as growing a business.


Sell or Rent Other Items

There are so many online selling platforms out there these days, making it easier than ever to make a big of extra cash while decluttering the home at the same time. If you are unwilling to part with certain items, you may well find that there is a rental marketplace out there. This is particularly likely if the items are valuable, like designer clothing, or particularly useful, like power tools.


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