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Guest posting doesn’t require any introduction since professionals better know how influential it is today. It is one of the best ways to improve SEO and generate immense traffic. Also, it plays a vital role in building brand awareness and authority. But there’s something that you need to acknowledge.

With the escalating competition, new strategies are being introduced, which is changing the entire scenario of guest posting. That’s the reason the best link building service providers are focusing more to improve their guest posting strategies. So without making things complex, let’s take a glance at the top things that you can introduce in order to enhance your guest posting strategy this 2020.


Visuals can say a lot more in just a short time. Today, no one gives enough time to read a 3000-word document, since the precise pictures and short texts can explain the whole story. Pictures are simple and easy to understand and creates a bunch of interests. So if you desire to generate quality traffic, then you need to introduce attractive infographics to your guest posting strategy.

Video Content

From the past few years, it has been seen from the visitor’s response that they are more inclined to click to view the video, then scrolling down and reading the entire article. People perpetually take what is effortlessly accessible to them. This is the reason why youtube is more eminent in demand.


In simple words, a podcast is an audio content that has a lot of its own importance. Although people most probably prefer text or video blogs, podcasts are gaining prominence nowadays. An example may better make you understand it.

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Let’s say that you have owned a start-up and are looking forward to introducing your employees with your clients; here’s how it will play a vital role. An audio podcast with their brief intro will let the clients identify your employee’s skills and talent.

Building links and placing them in the right position

Nowadays, everyone knows how guest posting plays an influential role in link building. But apart from link building, there are some aspects that a link building agency needs to consider while building links. And i.e. link placements.

Is your link inserted in a particular portion of the content? Or is it embedded in a page’s footer? It has become important to place the links in an accurate place. Precisely, links inserted in the first paragraph of the content, footers, and sidebars aren’t worth it. It is advised that always place your links in the middle of the content so that it doesn’t appear to be promotional.

Getting users to your blog isn’t a simple and fun task. It’s not sufficient to just click publish on your posts and expect multiple users to arrive. You require excellent content to attract users as well as a plan for directing users to your blog.

These above-mentioned things are efficient and practical when executed correctly and precisely. They not only draw users to your blog, but they will also keep them coming back again and again. So what are you waiting for? It’s now time to introduce them to your guest posting strategy.


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