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Technology has crept into every aspect of our lives, and entertainment joints are no exception. In a bid to attract more customers in today’s highly competitive market, bars and lounges have begun to offer high-tech integrated experience.

Here, we explore different ways in which various bars have gone high-tech in an effort to enhance customers’ drinking experience.

Graffiti Bar – Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo-based Graffiti Bar features one of the world’s largest multi-touch display installations. The multi-touch screen is for much more than just flipping through the menu.

You cannot only order and communicate with the bartenders, but you can also create wonderful visuals and virtual graffiti on the interactive screens.

Amo Eno – Hong Kong, China

Amo Eno is well known for its superior collection of wines. In an effort to bring wine-tasting experience into the 21st century, the bar has installed interactive touch screen tables and high-tech wine dispensers.

While the tables allow you to tweet and share your wine discoveries, the wine dispensers provide easy selections and pours. Moreover, the bar’s space design is brilliantly modern.

Inamo – London, U.K.

This London-based oriental fusion restaurant and bar serves up wonderful dishes and cocktails, with an impressive technological twist. Inamo features projectors at every table.

This allows you to order from this unique menu while creating its own ambience.

RedMR – Hong Kong, China

RedMR is one of the most popular pastime joints in Hong Kong, thanks to its collection of high-tech gadgetry. The bar boasts of touch screen Microsoft Surface tables from which you can order your drinks, food, as well as song selection.

What’s more, it is able to tell you what drink you’re having when you place your glass on the table. Likewise, it entertains you with pre-loaded games, such as Chinese dice, against your neighbours.

EyeCandy Sound Lounge – Las Vegas, US

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Las Vegas is known as the home of extravagance, excess, and spectacular light displays.  As such, it’s not surprising to find a bar like the EyeCandy Sound Lounge here.

EyeCandy Sound Lounge features a high-tech sound system and interactive touch tables, which allow you to compose and project images and messages onto the bar’s various big screens.

SuperTree by IndoChine – Singapore

Perched high atop the imposing SuperTree Grove; SuperTree by IndoChine looks more like a spaceship than a bar. If you are looking for a uniquely great spot, from which you can sip your martini while surveying Singapore’s Marina Bay, you can’t go wrong with SuperTree by IndoChine.

At night time, the bar’s rooftop bar revolves creating its own special light show. You can enjoy dishes that draw inspiration from western, Indochinese, and fusion dishes as well as a variety of beverages, which include premium sake and Baijiu.

Brew Exchange – Austin, Texas

This bar integrated the free-market system of supply and demand with its real-time beer pricing, resulting in a trendy, and sometimes uncertain, bar tab.

Brew Exchange’s liquor prices change with each order, rising or dropping in relation to respective drink’s popularity at the moment. As such, you can monitor the real-time ticker at the bar for the best time to buy.


As technology trends  keep on changing, businesses also strive to embrace the changes to remain afloat in the saturated market. This explains why these bars, and many others around the world have gone high-tech.



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