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As more and more people are consciously aware of what energy they use at home, thoughts are being directed at businesses too, who can do their bit for the environment as well. Reducing the amount of energy you use at home, and at work, will not only save you money each month but will have a huge positive impact on the environment in which we live. While we may not see the results of these changes, future generations will. Developed countries such as ours may have crippled energy resources over recent years, but all hope is not lost. However, we do need to act now.

First things first – if you’re a business owner, or you’ve been assigned the task of getting the energy levels in order, take a look at where the business is currently going wrong. Keep an eye on the energy meters so that you can analyse any trends that may have emerged over the year. You may spot that during our summer, you could have saved energy by not heating the office, but you may also find that there’s not been much of a change because staff have chosen to pop the air-con on rather than opening the windows.

Make it your duty to make a list of where changes can be made in your business and set a plan of action so that you can start implementing these changes. While autumn is upon us, the weather is still rather warm – turn thermostats down by a degree and turn radiators off that aren’t in use. Discourage staff members from using the air-conditioning units if there are sufficient windows that can be opened to allow circulation of air.

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Once you have a breakdown of what can change and how these changes can be implemented, organise a staff meeting to encourage everyone to jump on board with your new venture. After all, it’s not just for your benefit – it’s for theirs, and their children’s, too. Pop posters up around the office where people can be reminded of what they need to do and offer incentives if you reach set targets.

Highlight electrical equipment that needs to be switched off before the last person leaves the office. Pop labels on plugs that shouldn’t be switched off, due to servers and phones, which need to be kept on 24/7. Encourage staff to turn lights off in rooms when not in use and pop a reminder by the kettle in the kitchen to ensure it’s only filled with the necessary amount of water.

Keep blinds open during the working day to maximise the amount of natural light that can enter your workplace – if it’s a bright day, and blinds are drawn, natural light is being wasted in favour of office lighting. Remind yourself which one doesn’t cost you!

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