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I will go straight to the point with this one, because there is nothing more valuable than simple explanation. Making money online is hard and time consuming, but using SEO to help you speed up this process is always a good investment.  These post will show you how you can use SEO in order to make money online. And no this is no hype, last month I made $100 in one hour with only one blog post, keep reading.

Write For The People!

I do this by writing content for the people like you and me, not some algorithms. I know that it’s hard these days to write better content since there is a lot of competition and a lots and lots of articles are being written almost every minute. But that’s ok, competition is always good, that’s a sign that market exists and that you can use it in order to make money. Even in the endless sea of online content you will succeed and get noticed if you write for the people and if your articles have value to them. Don’t put too many keywords in the post, and make descriptive title with at least one keyword you want to rank for.

Follow The Trends!

I always follow the trends, and watch out for the new and interesting stuff going online. You need to stay on top of everything that is related to your niche, look what will bring you the most traffic. For example, one of my articles about making money online by cooking food, still gives me enormous amount of traffic and business offers. Why,  because that is trendy now, if that is a right expression, people look for that, and even when demand gets lower, some of the traffic will still be coming to the website and I will be good. Use google keyword tool for this tactic.

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Outsource Your Work!

And I outsource my work, this saves me a lot of time and money, after writing a valuable and interesting content, the best next step is to look for professional seo service. This brings us back to the “time is money” mindset,  choosing professionals to get the work done in less time, is always a better solution. If I invest $50 in SEO services and get $100 from the article and the work they’ve done to promote it, it pays off.

You maybe don’t realize this on the beginning of your online career, but your time is more valuable than any money you can make online.
Any chance you get on free seo, and you know it will help you in saving your time, and bringing new customers in, is always a one time offer, and you shouldn’t miss it. I didn’t and I made $100 in just one hour, and I will tell you in just a moment how you can do it too.

Outsource your work and enjoy time with your loved ones and your friends, nothing will bring you back the time you lost doing SEO.

How did I Make $100 Using SEO Tactics!

I applied the the tactics you just read above and this is what happened. Blog post ended up on first page of search engines and business offers just started pouring in. Can you imagine that, just with one article, I got exposure and business owner offered me $100 to include his business in the article.

It’s simple, my blog post is on the first page, his business is related to the blog post, he gets link inside the body text and I get the money in my paypal account in an hour, it’s the win win situation. Just by applying these tactics, you will save time, maybe have more successful articles and you will make money online.

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This is for all of you who don’t believe in SEO, for you guys that believe, take action, leave me a comment if you have any suggestions or you maybe had similar experience.


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