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Social Media is one of the worst place to be nowadays if you don’t have the specific information at your hands. To be quite honest, being on social media is like driving – yet, we all know that some of us should never have received the driving license! The same treatment applies to social media accounts, reason why as most of the studies have concluded, most of the recruiters nowadays see a great deal on looking on social media for recruiting – and if you are crossing one of their requirements, you might easily find yourself as being unemployed due to what you might have posted years ago! Thus, in order to avoid such things from happening, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines just to see what you should never post on your social media accounts – you will definitely be amazed!


Abrasive content

If it happens for you wishing to post something that has a rather abrasive content, you might find it appropiate to publish it because of a certain state of mind. Still, most recruiters don’t see it that way – they actually believe that certain things should not be on social media just because this is what an employer should look like.


Look at Your Clothes

Do you have certain photos in which you look rather undressed? Well, you might find yourself in the moment in which you need to take a decision – receive fame for two days on Facebook or end the possibility to receive a well-paid salary by posting it? I would say that keeping your job up is the point in here, reason why you should always reconsider posting a photo on social accounts.

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There is a new trend on social media accounts, and I really have a sense of you already being in the known of it. Of course, it is the food trend – posing your food and then placing it on social media accounts with certain hashtags. I know you are craving to show to the others what you eat, but you see, you might find recruiters that are vegans, with certain beliefs, reason why they might find it innapropriate to take you up in the team. It is human nature, on the other hand you might find the eating kind of recruiter who might be just as envious on what you eat as others.


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