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Paying money on useless things, probably one of the biggest problems people interfere with everyday is meant to let some pockets empty in a minute. Of course, this is not any of us looks for, since wasting money is not a human’s purpose. Still, the colours, the smell, the limited edition items are always welcome and enchanting, this until your bank account is getting closer and closer to zero. Thus, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines and see our survival kit in order to avoid impulse buying these how summer and sunny days!


See How Much It Would Take you To Make the Money

This makes me think of my workout schedule – everytime I have a crush on something delicious to eat, I must calculate fast enough into my mind and see how many gym hours I will need to take in order to get rid of those many calories that I would get inside my stomach. By this way, since a slice of pie would have me one hour in the gym, I will definitely say no to that. The same principle applies to buying, since an extra item might have you three hours in the office working extra schedule! And, let’s face it, for what? For just a simple plain dress that you will keep into your closet days to come? Make sure to make the best decisions. And calculations!

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Don’t Take up the Therapy Shopping

Been there, done that. -$1,000 from my own bank account in just one day, and the result? Not even plenty of stuff, but one hour of feeling great. Just like a drug! Or just like drinking, since everytime people are feeling grey they are keen on having lots of drinks until they forget about everything, even about theirselves. Well, you know what is annoying in here? To be honest, most of those people do nothing but have a great hangover in the next morning and watch their money all gone on booze. Do you know what is worse? The problem gets worse as days go by. So going therapy shopping might just leave you poor, with no money but debts to cover up.


Whether you are dealing with a harsh period in your life or you are just eager to get all the new things, making some priorities will help you save some great bucks for the days to come.


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