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Earning more and spending less – the biggest turnover in history we are all looking for to implement. Well, whether we like it or not, we all wish to have more money – a bit more than we already have, just for getting that brand new gadget, that fancy dress or just to plan the vacation of our lives. Wishing to be more artistic in the process is, of course, the second part it here. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see just how to earn money in a creative way!


Recycle your old phones

I’m more than sure you surely have one old ancient phone thrown away around your house. You might not know, but there are companies who are eager to pay for your phone and take it to be shipped all way to Asia where there they are dismantled. By this way, you make some space and also, get some bucks at your hands, no matter what!


Invite your Friends over for Dinner

Did you know that if you have amazing cooking skills you can make your house part of a restaurant from time to time? Nowadays, there are numberless applications that can help you spread the word and thus make other know about your existence – by this way, from time to time you get to make your house part of a guest restaurant in which to invite people to taste your delicious dishes and also, really make lots fo money out of it!

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Drive People Around for about 35$/Hour

From time to time, if you want to add something to your monthly income, make sure to sign for driving people around the city. You can make as much as 35$ per hour, and trust me – this is not money to throw! Once in the business, you will be more than happy to both be a part-time driver and make hundreds of bucks to get it through the month!


Distribute flyers

Probably known as a student part time job, if you distribute flyers you are closer to make couple of bucks to add them to your monthly income. Trust me, there is no reason why making some few bucks to play with in your hands would be a bad idea – instead, this is a great thing to do in order to earn and play with them the way you like it, in a creative way!


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