Have you recently received an invitation to an Academic Conference or you have enrolled all by yourself? Do you feel kind of uncomfortable thinking of the approach, the outfit, your words and all that jazz? If so, you are at the very right place in order to receive one of the best guides to learn how to get ready for a conference – and trust me, the following things are utterly important in case you wish your presence there to have a plus to your attitude, future and knowledge. Stick with us not to miss a single thing!


The Outfit

Any Academic Conference wants you to wear an elegant, classic yet office outfit. If being a lady, you could get your most wanted pair of high heels (but not extremely high!), a pencil skirt and an elegant shirt to get it on. By this way, you will fit the environment and if having questions, people would be more than delighted to hear your voice. On the other hand, if being a man, how about trying on that new shirt you have bought or received recently? Get yourself an office outfit, a great pair of trousers and your pair of shoes all clean and clear.


The Agenda

Before heading to the conference, make sure to know the agenda and preferably have the schedule upon yourself. In addition, take with you a notebook and point out all the new information you receive during the conference, upon which you could start create questions for the people who are preseting their papers. Trust me, once there, you are ought to make the best out of the subject and turn it into your chance!

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Ask Questions!

Always, but always ask questions. At such conferences, there are maybe even hundreds of people to attend, yet little of them (if 5) are stading out of the crowd just because they can. Be patient, note down everything you hear and wait for the Q&A session – there, at this moment, you can start ask those questions and let others know what you think, what you are mostly keen on and most of all, how smart you are – this is the best way to make the presenter of the paper know you and after the conference ends, you now have a common subject of which to start discuss about. There is no better way to recruit a person, make her like you and who knows, turn you into that assistant he or she needs!


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