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When times are tough, and money is tight, it can be difficult to know where to turn for some extra cash. But there are some ideas that might be able to help you out of the trouble you’re in.

Rent Out Your Spare Room

Anyone who has a spare room in their house should make the most of it if you are in need of some extra cash. Renting out the room to someone who needs somewhere cheap to stay can be a great idea. You could charge a weekly fee. It brings in a regular flow of money that you can use to supplement your existing income. This is a common sense thing to do. Sure, it can be difficult letting an unknown person into your home. But if you can get past the weirdness of that, it can be a great way to earn some extra money. Talk to someone who has done this before and ask how much they charged in rent.

Go Mystery Shopping

If you’ve never heard of mystery shopping, it’s easy and a good way to make money. Companies often pay people to go shopping in one of their stores with specific aims. Often, they want you to review the customer service that their staff offer. And sometimes businesses want you to review what’s on offer in a rival business. They pay you for your time and usually let you keep anything that you had to buy as a part of the job. It’s definitely a pretty fun way to earn some money when you’re struggling to get by. It’s not the best paying job around, but it can still be useful for some extra money. Go to to find opportunties.

Sell Your Skills

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Everyone has a skill, no matter what it is. And many of these skills can be used to make some extra money. If you love taking photographs, for example, you could sell them. People love to have good photographs decorating their homes. And that’s not the only way in which you can sell your photographs. You could also go to where the latest breaking news is happening to take photos. Selling photos to the local press is a great way to earn a little money on the side. If you’re capable of capturing a great image, you should give it a try. It’s not going to make you rich overnight, but it can make life a little more comfortable.

Use Credit Cards

If you’re in need of short-term cash, or you want to buy something quickly, one of the best options is to use a credit card. The interest rates on most credit card deals are better than you’d get from a personal loan from a high street bank. Of course, you should make this judgement based on the offers you can find and your own personal financial circumstances. Borrowing money is a big step, so you want to find the very best interest rate out there. If you have no option but to borrow, it’s definitely a good idea to consider a credit card. It might help you to avoid getting into worse debt.

Sell Unwanted Jewelry

We all have lots of items that we no longer want. These items don’t need to go to waste sitting in a drawer though. You should do something with them. Items like jewelry are the best because they tend to hold value. If a piece is made of a good metal, and it’s old, it can be worth a lot of money. Even if you don’t yet realise it. You can sell these items on online auction sites if you like. Or you could use a pawnbroker if you like. This allows you to make money, and you have the option of getting the items back if you change your mind. Visit to find out more about that.

Work in the Community

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There are plenty of small community jobs that can be completed by you in order to make some money. You could put up posters advertising services that you want to do. For example, dog walkers are always in demand by lazy people who are too tired or busy to give their pets the exercise they need. You could set up a community dog walking business that could potentially bring in a lot of money. You’ll be surprised at how much of a response you get from this kind of advert. That’s just one of the options for you to consider though. Babysitting, ironing and laundry services can also be great money spinners.

Make Use of Your Garage

That garage next to your home that’s just sitting there doing nothing could be earning you some cash. So, don’t miss out on that opportunity. There are two main ways in which you can make money out of your garage. First of all, you could rent it out to someone who is looking for some extra storage space. Storage units can be pretty expensive to rent, so you could undercut them and make some cash. The other option is to rent it out as a place for someone to park their car. Not everyone has a garage to take advantage of. And this can be a problem for people who want to keep their car safe and not park it on the road.

Say Yes to Temporary Work

Whenever a friend offers you some temporary work or offers you some money to look after their kids, say yes! If you say yes to all the job opportunities that come your way, you can make a lot of money over the course of the year. It might not always be great work because temporary work rarely is. But it can be a great way to boost your income considerably. And once you get into the habit of doing odd jobs in your spare time, new opportunities will open themselves up to you. There are lots of jobs that come up at short notice, and these are the kinds of roles that you should be looking to fill.


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