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Have you ever thought about the best and quickest way to become popular in the blogosphere? I’m pretty much sure you did. The reason why most people think that becoming ‘someone’ in the world of Internet Marketing requires lot of time, patience and hard work is because they tend to get very little to no traffic and social shares for their posts even if they think they wrote a better piece than most of their competitors on the same topic.

The truth is that no matter how good writer you are, if you don’t know anything about marketing, you are never going to succeed. You can try, write, edit, proofread and produce the masterpiece but if you don’t know the way to get traffic, you are only wasting time.

There are two paths you can take. A harder one is to work your ass off until small group of people start following and sharing your posts. After some time, that group will become bigger and bigger but it will take plenty of time until you get a good following. I really do not recommend taking this path as it is harder and requires more time.

An easier way is to hijack your competitors and get some honest shares of their traffic and social signals. It may sound like hard work but in reality it is really fun and doable.

I always choose to work smarter not harder and if you want to achieve success sooner rather than later, listen to my advice.

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Identify the right people

If you want to receive huge traffic you need to do some serious promotion. If you don’t have huge following, find people who does and use them. For example, the easiest and most convenient way is to search and find people (so called influencers) who shared your competitors posts. After that, you can approach them with your version of a post (better, improved) and ask them to share your post.

Tools for identifying

I personally use these few:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Quicksprout
  • Topsy

Once you gather all the names, it’s time for approaching.

There are two ways you can use to approach influencers:

-By email (if you have their email address)

-By tweeting (the easy way)

In most cases, response rate will be far from 100%. I usually get around 35%-45% and I consider it as success because even one mention can get me thousands of visitors.

How approaching should look like

Act relaxed, nice, polite and never force anyone to share anything. Just give them a recommendation to read your post and if they like it, maybe their followers will to. In most cases, if you are polite and have a good post, lot of people will be willing to share it. Offer a good information in a nice way and you will see a good response.

But never forget. If you are new to IM world, it takes time to get traction. Even if you hijack influencers traffic and social signals. Be patient and make sure you are only producing high quality content. No one likes being bothered about a small nonsense post.

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If you concentrate on this method, I’m sure it can get you whole bunch of new visitors and business opportunities. Never forget- work smart not hard!



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