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The boogeyman is historically known as a nightmarish ghoul that children bring to life when the lights go out. But to adults the boogeyman has a more concrete manifestation. Although homeowners aren’t fearful of uncanny creatures lurking around their homes at night, they are always mindful of the threat of unwanted intruders. Unsolicited guests potentially pose a threat to your children and valuables. Take a protective step forward by implementing one of the following suggestions.

Safe with Safes
Nowadays safes are as diversified as the thieves that endeavour to crack them. No matter the content you’re protecting you’ll surely find something that is suited to keep your belongings safe. Documents, jewels, laptops, and other valuables all have safes that specifically cater to those contents. Depending on your preference you can find a safe that keeps your things secure with a key-locking or battery operated electronic locking mechanism. When choosing a safe you’ll want to pay close attention to the grade as the safe. To properly insure the contents of the safe, you’ll need to find a safe that has a grade which matches the value of the contents.

Make Your Security Known
Even if you don’t currently have a security system in place, you don’t need to let your burglar-to-be know that. Deter would be intruders by placing a well-lit sign at the front of your yard. In case burglars have bad eyesight, place one sign next to your front door so that anyone who might enter your home is informed of your impeccable in-home security. While any sign informing of an alarm system is better than none you might want to consider posting a generic sign rather than one from a specific company. Veteran burglars might be familiar with the security provided by certain companies and know how to circumvent it. Don’t give thieves any clues or hints in regards to cracking your security.

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A Security Night Light
When on the job, a home intruder wouldn’t exactly be characterised as a people person. Ideally these invaders get in and get out as quickly and quietly as possible. If a thief has a suspicion that someone in the house is awake they’re much more likely opt for another home. Leaving a light on when you’re during the night or when you’re out might just make an invited guest think twice before the knock down your door.

Ask an Expert
If you think you’ve equipped your house with the safest, state of the art deterrents but still worry about security, it might be time to ask an expert. Start off by asking your local police department if they’re willing to do a security check walk through of your home.


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