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There are plenty of reasons why keeping your staff happy should be at the top of any employer’s priorities. First of all, it helps your workforce productive. Also, it will help you keep on top of retention – which saves you time and money. Also, it will help build your reputation as a progressive company that treats its staff well, and you will attract better candidates. But what sort of things can you do to make sure your employees happy in their jobs? Let’s take a look at our five-step guide.



Hire the right people


First of all, it’s important to hire the right people for the job. Don’t just fill up positions with your friends, or based hiring decisions of how much you like someone. We recently drew up a guide on hiring the right people – so check it out and see what you think.


Get to know your employees


While this will be impossible in large companies, you have to encourage a friendly atmosphere by getting to know your employees. This attitude will trickle down the ranks, and it helps everyone understand about people’s wants and needs. It will help them express their desires for how to move on, and it’s something you can use to get the best out of them.


Keep them healthy


A healthy workplace is a happy work environment, so do what you can to give them a safe environment to do their work. There is a lot to think about here, from encouraging exercise breaks, to providing healthy eating options in the canteen. There’s temperature to think about, too. Let’s say that you run a large distribution centre that often gets cold. It won’t be conducive to an excellent working environment for your employees, by any stretch. So, you might want to look at warehouse heating from Winrow, or something similar. Air conditioning is equally as important during the warmer months. Is there anything worse than a stuffy office during the height of summer?


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Reward achievements


Sometimes, a simple acknowledgement of work well done will be enough for an employee to feel appreciated. And, it’s not much hardship on your behalf to offer congratulations. Set the tone of your company and you will see that attitude seep down from the top to the bottom. It keeps people happy to know they are doing things well.


Offer progression


If someone is doing the same, dull tasks, over and over again, how will you expect them to remain happy? In fact, the likelihood is they will make it their aim to look for a company that offers some route for progression. It’s so important to have this in place, as it is one of the key things that improves your retention rates. Regardless of pay and benefits, people need to know they are achieving.


OK, so those are our top tips for keeping a happy workforce. Don’t forget, if people are happy in their jobs, they will work harder for you. And it will give your bottom line a boost, so it is well worth the investment.



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