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Entrepreneurs, if you want to create a lucrative company from home, you need a great office. You need that space you can comfortably work from without distraction. It must be organised, and tightly honed for productivity. The best offices encourage you to sit down and start working. They encourage long hours of good work, allowing you to build your empire! It’s not always easy to create a working space in your own home. There are a lot of distractions around (TV, the fridge, your bed!) So, it’s up to you to create somewhere that inspires work. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, here’s how to create that space.

Separate it from the home life

First of all, make sure it is entirely separate from the rest of the home. Setting up a desk in your living room isn’t exactly ideal. The first problem is that it allows for endless distractions. You need a space free of the home comforts that will lure you away from work. The second problem is that it blurs the lines between work and personal life. It’s much harder to switch off when your reports are all over the kitchen table. If possible, turn the spare room into the office, or make sure the work area can be safely put away.

Think ergonomically

Comfort and ergonomics are key when working from home. Take it from a writer who started his freelance life at the kitchen table, it’s not conducive to productive work! You need comfortable, executive office furniture. This is not the area to scrimp or save. Invest in a reliable office chair with lumbar support, and set your desk at the right height. An ergonomic setup will encourage you to keep working. Plus, it will reduce the associated health problems.

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Very few people can work effectively in a messy, disorganised space. A clear desk equals a clear mind! That means creating an organised environment around you. Try to remove anything that isn’t necessary, and keep everything stored in a useful place. From papers to stationery, try to keep everything in the right place. Keep wires out of sight with a cable tidy, and set aside time once a week purging your office of clutter.

Colours and lighting

In the work environment, colours and lighting have a powerful effect on productivity and efficiency. Soft, warm colours are proven to have a positive effect on our work-ethic. They have a latent energy that encourages us to keep working. When it comes to light, try to maximise natural light sources as much as possible. Supplement that with soft task lights, and avoid harsh overheads if possible.

Make it personal

Last of all, don’t forget to include some personal touches. Remember, you’ll probably spend at least eight hours a day in here. You need to create an environment you want to work in. Put up photographs and items that you cherish around the room. Use things that give you inspiration, and power your productivity.

That’s all there is to it, folks! Using these tips, you’ll create the perfect home office environment.



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