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When I was entering Internet Marketing world, I was trying to get into Affiliate Marketing really quickly because I was thinking that there was enormous potential in it. Soon enough, I discovered that one of the keys in setting up an affiliate marketing campaign is writing a blog and having awesome posts that will actually generate lot of leads and sales.

Blogging worked great for me back then. It was actually one of the biggest reasons why I was earning thousands of dollars each month and all of that was happening because I was following couple of great tricks I learned back then.

The essence of blogging is providing an information that reader desperately needs. I was hearing that all the time and I realized that myself. I was thinking: If I solve people’s problems, they will trust me and buy from me.

So I developed a strategy. A strategy that will convert visitors every time. It was all about publishing great posts. Follow closely because I’m going to drop a lot of wisdom now.

How to posts and list articles are not converting at all

It wasn’t converting back then and it doesn’t convert now either. So avoid it if you are trying to get leads for your business. I learned this on a hard way and I’m teaching you now and you can learn it on easy way. However, these types of posts often can generate a lot of social media attraction because they are easily scanned and the information is absorbed really quickly.

And that’s the key. When something is scanned and absorbed quickly, it almost never results in an actual sale.

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The road of quick informational posts like how-to or list posts are great if you are chasing an immediate traffic attraction but if you are thinking long-term, this will be a terrible decision.

Quality converts- quantity sucks

People make huge mistakes when trying to convert visitors into leads. They almost always go for quantity and they always forget that there are actual persons behind those computers. The usual blogger who is trying to convert visitors into leads thinks like this: ”If I publish 10 posts instead of 5, I will be able to generate twice more leads”.

That is so not true. Writing two quality posts is better than writing dozens of short ones. Why? No one will forget 10,000 words guide about specific subject. But most of the people will forget about that 500 word piece of content.

This is the key to generating leads for your business through blogging.

To your success!



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