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Spring and summer are the most popular times for conferences, exhibitions and festivals around the country, and that means one thing: it’s time to start thinking about how you can stand out amongst all of the other companies exhibiting alongside you.

Sometimes it can feel like a battle to make people stop and talk to you at your stand, and sometimes the leads you build can be surprising. There is nothing more gratifying than someone picking up the phone and getting in touch with you after a big event; whilst most leaflets will undoubtedly be thrown away and business cards filed, choosing the right promotional products can help to ensure you remain on the desks (and in the minds) of your target audience. How can you use your promotional products to ensure they’ll remember you over someone else?


Recent research from the BPMA has suggested that, as much as we might hate to believe it, people choose to pick up promotional products based on their usefulness rather than the company who is giving them away. Whilst you might not like to think that a pen, calendar or USB stick is more appealing than you are, it does mean that if you can choose the right product to emblazon with your branding, you’re much more likely to attract people to your stand. Only a small number of very bold people will pick up a product without also talking to those at a stand, so freely offering them out and engaging passers-by in conversation is a great way to start building a rapport. Something like this – a branded jacket on a rainy day is infinitely useful, be prepared for this, especially at outdoor events. The more useful or appealing the product, the more likely people will be to stop – and a smile won’t hurt either.

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After a big event, there’s normally a scramble to contact everyone you’ve spoken to – and the hope that those who didn’t share their contact details will get in touch with you in return. Luckily, if you’ve chosen the right promotional merchandise, you’re more likely to be remembered. Most people are likely to own and use a few promotional pens, and the nicer the pen, the more likely it is to become a favourite. Items such as USB sticks and branded mugs are typically kept by their owners for a year or more, so these can be a great way to ensure you’ll always be right in front of them when they think, “I need to find a company that provides…???


The main purpose of any event is as much a branding exercise as it is a sales pitch. Some promotional products can be especially good to encourage potential customers to view you in a more favourable light, or to motivate them to take action and make an enquiry with you. Generally, the rule of thumb in this case is to think as big as you can. Choosing something out of the ordinary, such as a hamper of carefully selected goods or a messenger bag might not be your first idea of a promo product, but they’re just two items revealed by research to be particularly effective at improving brand opinion and encouraging action. Click here for more promotional ideas than you could dream up!

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