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After spending months or even years gaining a degree in IT, you’re sure to be thinking about the many things you could do with your newfound skills. While you could apply for jobs to work for an established company, there’s every reason to believe you could also forge your own path. Some of the following business ideas may be just what you’re looking for: 

Computer Repairs and Maintenance

Almost every business and individual you come across will have some form of computer – be it a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. While many people know how to use them, only a small number of people know how to fix them. As a recent IT graduate, you could fill the gap in the market and offer small business IT support. 

Offering support, repairs, and maintenance for small businesses can be an incredibly lucrative enterprise. You can establish long-lasting relationships with local companies and firms and build a name for yourself by offering a convenient service. 

SEO Services  

As important as search engine optimization (SEO) is for getting your brand name out there in the online world, very few business owners know how it works. Even fewer know how to put SEO practices in place to take advantage of the digital exposure it brings. 

This is where you could come in. With fresh knowledge of metadata, organic results, and Google analytics, and on-site optimization, you can be in a desirable position to offer such services to business owners. After improving a company’s exposure, they may be happy to refer you to other businesses. 

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Computer Training

Computers didn’t start becoming mainstream until the 1980s, and technology advanced rapidly after that time. The progression was so fast, in fact, that many potential users ‘missed the boat’ and found themselves struggling to understand how to keep up with technology. 

With this in mind, you could put your IT skills to good use by offering training sessions. You could focus on the senior market with basics like word processing, online banking, and emails. Alternatively, you could tap into the business market by offering in-house business training sessions for software usage. 

Web Development

Over 60% of businesses in the US have a website. Out of those, you can guarantee that at least some won’t know how to use, improve, fix, or make their website safe for visitors. You could be the person to help with that. 

Web development services are in demand, particularly as COVID-19 has shown the importance of being able to connect with customers across multiple platforms. Consider offering this service to current and future customers, and you may be surprised at how much extra business you gain. 

Social Media Consulting

Billions of people around the world are active social media users. However, not every business owner has yet seen its value for getting their brand out there. If you’ve spent a bit of time during your studies delving into its inner workings, you may be able to use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Social media consulting allows you to teach business owners about the benefits of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to reach customers, gain exposure, and track market insights. Holding training sessions or managing business pages might prove to be a lucrative career opportunity. 

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Studying IT in any form can open endless windows of opportunity. Indeed, it can sometimes be hard to decide which avenue you should pursue once you gain your degree. If you’re a fresh graduate with no idea what to do next, some of these business ideas above may be worth considering.


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