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Have you ever wondered how can you make your colleagues like you more? Would you like to be better seen by others, especially by your boss? Well, whether you knew this or not, it is really important to know what to talk, how to talk, for everything you ever craved for to be yours. Scientists know that besides the nonverbal communication, the verbal one has its own ways to give you the necessary boost. There being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following linest o see how to learn that talk – especially, what to say at work in order to boost your reputation!


???That is Brilliant!???

By this simple yet easy phrase, your colleagues will really feel how much they mean for you and how much their work really mean. They will be more than delighted and pleased that someone has remarked their hard work and dedication, let alone the fact that they have been recognized. It is a great way to boost your reputation, no matter what.


???That is Science???

If you will ever say this thing to someone, he or she will be simply amazed! We all know science is quite hard because it requires logic and not necessarily learning by heart all the details, but some thinking. In this case, if you will say it, the one that receives your compliment will be amuzed and amazed, both at once! You will make him feel unique and really important, and he will also go back to you from time to time to hear it again and again and all over again.

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???What a Fantastic Question!???

Now this is what I call a fantastic way of being. People like this will always inspire and spread optimism from one corner to the other, and people will always have to say great stuff about them. This is the real deal, and without even noticing, you will be making others have a great and brilliant day, with loads and loads of will of work. It is easy, super fast and trust me, the effect will be astonishing! Just give it a try one day, and if the receiver will not start changing the attitude towards you, let us know that it didn’t work. But it will.


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