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Have you ever wondered how much harm can your actual schedule do to your brain? Does it feel rather bad or unsattisfying for you to have so many things into your mind and also on your to-do list before the clock hits 5 pm? Well, believe it or not, there are so many other people just in your actual situation, yet they do not realize what they are into. You graduate a college, make the best to get a great job but when you start working, nothing is good enough for you. Seems familiar? If so, you might be at the right spot to make a change! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how we can make a change and turn your 9-5 schedule into something more… comfy!


Breaks For the Brain

If you were wondering how much break can your brain get, believe me that it is utterly important to do so everu 90-120 minutes. This is basically the thin line between your brain sessions, the right time that tells you to stop and take a break while deconnecting yourself from the work. Bear in mind that your work is not everything in your life, and also that you are the most important in here. Even though it gives you millions, you will not be too happy to pay those millions to get your health back.


Organise Your Breaks

Believe it or not, the way you use your breaks say a lot about you. If you didn’t know it before, these breaks are made for relaxation – which means meditation, time for a juice or just a snack before work comes again across. Organising the breaks is a really important step, due to the fact that you must know when to stop and when you are ought to start your job again. By this way, your organism also keeps up with you and learns how to deal with your schedule if you have it the same everyday, just like a routine.

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Decide What to Do in the Breaks

Now, we know when we have the breaks – but have we decided yet what to do in those breaks? If you just sit and stare nothing good will come out of your break – get up, start walking a bit and things will go smoothly.


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