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Google is no doubt The God of the Internet. It is the most popular name that hardly a person would not know on this planet. We practically use Google in our day to day lives and for every minute question we just Google it. But let me tell you one interesting thing, you can also use Google that helps you earn good income by just sitting at home.

Don’t believe it? Well, it is quite true and it couldn’t be easier these days provided that you got some mind and time.

Recently, I came across many such forum threads where people are talking about making money through Google. I had no idea about it and how it worked, but it seems to be interesting. I was looking for some extra income and here what I found out.

In the last 3 years, I have successfully made the transition from absolutely knowing nothing to earning a lot of money with Google. In here I am sharing some of insights of how it has become possible.


Google Doesn’t Employ People to Work from Home

When I first heard about people making money from home with Google, I assume that Google employed people for the work from home, but now I know this isn’t the case. Apparently the revealing came that lot of people are making money by promoting Google programs like Adsense and Adwords which further also use Google as the source of traffic to their websites.

How to Earn Money with Google

Firstly you need to have the basics to get started i.e. Internet service, Computer/Laptop and along with that a Creative mind. To put things into practice, you can start with:

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Signing up a blog site, that helps you make your own blog with their step by step procedure. Let your creative mind do some great writing on your page. You can start writing about anything you feel like, as far you keep it short and interesting.

The next is AdSense. It is Google’s free affiliated program. Google pays huge amount of money as affiliate commission their affiliates. It’s that every time anybody visits your site or page and click the ads you make money out of it.

Google’s pay per click (Google Adwords for advertisers) program is another great way to earn money at home. The greatest benefit is it is inexpensive and you get instant traffic to your website that earns you good when it converts.

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