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If you regularly work from home, it’s important for you to create a space that you love to be in and will help you be productive. A home office is a lovely addition to a house and will help kick-start a new business. As functional as this kind of space should be; it should also have an element of personality to it. It is your home office, and it should look like it belongs to you. Follow these tip to create a working environment that you love to be in:

  1. Think practically

I know this is a boring way to start but that wooden chair that looks great in a dining room just isn’t going to support your back all day. When it comes to practical furniture that you’ll be using every day; try to keep things simple. Of course, you can always style up a chair further by added cushions and, you could, reupholster the design. When it comes to the safety of your back…don’t mess about. You need to think ergonomically and invest i a chair. If you want to be super productive, every day you’re going to have to sit in it for a very long time.

  1. Let in the light

Open up windows and play with the lighting systems. What you don’t want is to get hot and stuffy in your office. It’s important to soak in some daylight every day so make sure window areas stay uncluttered and clean. Sit your desk as near to a window as possible and embrace that natural light. Your eyes especially will really appreciate it – especially when you’re staring at a screen all day.

  1. Promote your brand

If you’re kick-starting a business, it’s important for you to start getting your brand name in front of the right people. By investing in personalized stationary you are helping to spread the look and feel of your brand. It also looks super slick and professional too! Always stick to the safe logo and keep to a simple design; anything too complicated is easily forgotten.

  1. Play with storage

There are so many options on the market for you to choose from when it comes to storage. You don’t need to stick to boring filing cabinets that look dated. Hunt around and see what is out there. If you can’t find anything in a design that you love, choose something cheap and get crafty with it! A boring old cabinet can be painted to fit your needs. Also, try added cute handles to really play with the look

  1. Have fun with it all

Starting a new business should be exciting as decorating an office should be fun. Enjoy it as much as possible and don’t rush your decisions. If you don’t like something…change it. If something isn’t working quite right, do it differently. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in your home office and you’ll be as productive as possible.

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