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Have you ever wished to be an online entrepreneur? Have you wanted to make it happen one day, but the financial aspect didn’t manage to be at hand to you? Well, there is no need to worry anymore. Today, due to the information age and technological era we are living in, many advantages have arisen. One of them would be the online store, which translates into less expenses to be paid for maintenance and staff. Anotheradvaantage is thatyou are opened globally, which means anyone can access your products and services. Thus, we’re talking more money to come into your pockets! Stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find out more about the major advantages of opening an online store with Wix!


Store Manager

Believe it or not, Wix gives you the possibility of managing your entire online store from behind, just like any CEO of a world renowned company would do. From this field you can organize, add or erase any products while adding coupons, modify the pricing, see and track your orders as well as set up the payment methods. All these things are the key elements for an online store to function in a way thats pays off the investment.


Tips for Wix-ers

One of the greatest advantages ofWix comes with concerns the contact with the customers. Every time you want to let them know about a new product coming up, share with them some coupon codes or thank them for the purchases by sending a Thank You letter, Smart Actions takes the business from here. By using this little yet super efficient tip, any online store owner is closer to keeping in touch with his customers – which, in easier terms, is bound to raise the sales!

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Additional tip:Wix has a revolutionary offer to any new customer who signs up these days. While looking into what package to take up, go on Monthly Plans and choose the eCommerce (Best for Small Business) field. The price is totally affordable for an online store, at only $19.90 per month, but if you choose the yearly plan it totals out approximately $16 per month.


Wix Features

Now, you might wonderwhyWix is better in comparison to other eCommerce website builders. I’d say the features equal the answer to this question. First of all, its online stores are mobile optimized. It means anyone can scroll through the product galleries and pages to display the products from miles away only by a touch on a SmartPhone. When talking about products, each product receivesits own page where they are published with details and important information to make your eCommerce website (or brand) trustworthy and reliant on.


In addition, you can design the online store the way you have always dreamt of by choosing from hundreds of stunning templates, let alone adding the images and descriptions you want for each product. As a super feature, Wix shares it all through the product videos prepared meticously by an owner with a vision – by you!


Here are some photos of the templates, so you can check out for yourself:


Meal Delivery eCom


Geek Superstore


When it comes to money, Wix features multiple payment methods through which your target area increases. By this way, people can order from you knowing there must be at least one payment method they usually use or they are keen on. By the same token, you can track your orders in an organized and relaxed environment – all provided by Wix.

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The One-Stop-Shop

Managing your online presence had never been easier. Even though you have one, two or twelve online stores, you can always keep in touch with your customers through newsletters. Don’t worry if you lack inspiration – WixShoutOut has you covered with stunning messages to choose from! But this is not where the features stop! On the same platform you can buy a domain name (premium service) after checking its availability and registration through Wix. After this step, there comes another one that is bound to enhance your business – creating a blog, a place where to share thoughts with customers or make reviews, anything that could increase the sales – all on the same platform! Widgets and applications don’t make an exception from the rule, since any of them are known to be used to appeal to the human eye – make your choice from the coolest apps you find on Wix!


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