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People are beginning to see that more and more they have less money at the end of the month. You may not be in a position to increase your salary, but that does not mean that you can not find ways to put more money in your pockets. Payday Loans is one way to boost your bank balance quickly.  Here are some simple money saving ideas you can employ today that will help you on the road to savings.

Take out your bank statements and carefully go over the fees your banking institution is charging you. You may not even be aware you are paying a substantial fee each month for having a low balance, or that you are paying a fortune for overdraft charges. Spend some time online and compare the rates of other banking institutions. You may find some banks offer no fee accounts if you abide by certain restrictions. Banks are giving significant discounts to people who are willing to do all their banking with the automated teller machines as opposed to talking with a live teller in the bank. These bank accounts often come with no fees and can save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year. Even a small savings of fifteen pounds a month puts back one hundred and eighty pounds back in your hands each year. 

Check with gas stations in your area and see if they offer users loyalty cards and what the benefits of using those cards would be. Some service stations now offer loyal customers savings on the price of gasoline when they reach a certain threshold. Though these savings might seem small or insignificant at the moment, you are going to be buying gasoline no matter what, why not consider that possibly you can save money by using one particular stations fuel over another. The savings may be pocket change each fill up, but consider how many times you get gas a week, month and year, and that pocket change adds up to significant money.

The holidays are a time many people dread because they either max out their credit cards or spend all their savings to ensure every family member and friend get a special gift. This year save yourself a bunch of money by creating those gifts yourself. You can purchase candles, cookies and soaps at significant discounts when you buy them in bulk. Create unique gift boxes and add a personal touch with a note or decorations so each person receives a one of a kind gift. You can save several hundred pounds by creating beautiful hand crafted gifts this holiday in your home.

The final way you can save some serious money is by contacting your credit card companies and negotiate a lower interest rate. If you have been paying your credit card bills on time, many providers will consider lowering your rates which can result in a much lower bill each month and a big savings back in your pockets. If you have multiple credit cards you can call each one and see if they would consolidate all your cards into one card and lower the rate if interest. You may be able to combine two or more credit cards onto one card and actually lower your bill. Even a small reduction of 3% a year can put back over one hundred and ninety pounds back in your bank account.

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