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When applying for home insurance, the amount of companies, prices and types of policies available can leave many home owners unsure of their best option.

Whilst some providers will combine both building and contents insurance, others will offer other incentives such as a year’s free travel insurance or several months’ home insurance free.

Whilst it is important to choose the deal that suits the needs of the individual, it is equally important to decide upon a policy that will truly benefit the home owner in terms of financial stability and security.

Thorough research needs to be made regarding a property prior to gathering quotes. Ideally, home insurance should cover the amount that is owed on a mortgage, so knowing how much a property is worth, the value of the contents inside it and the risks that it is exposed to is of extreme importance.

However, in addition to this, it is essential to determine whether or not the insurance provider is accurately informed of these amounts too. For instance, if a company is unaware of the value of a property they have quoted insurance for, they are, ultimately, unreliable.

When speaking to insurance companies, be sure to ask about the following issues to guarantee a truly ‘good’ deal:

In the unfortunate event of complete damage to my home, how much would it cost to rebuild my house?

Due to the fact that the majority of individuals and home owners pay for minor damages out of t6heir own pocket, the insurance is left for the bigger claims. Whilst it may be off putting paying month after month for cover that is rarely used, at times of total damage, insurance is key to rebuilding homes and lives.

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What is the total cost to replace all of the personal items that I have included in the policy?

In the event of a burglary or other incident that results in damaged contents, insurance that promises to cover the full amount to replace these items is necessary. However, it is important to keep reviewing contents cover as circumstances can change over time and people may be protecting items that are no longer used whilst newer, more valuable items may have not been added.

Are natural disaster claims allowed to made or do I need to add them to a policy?

Some providers will automatically include this cover into a policy without asking about the risks that surround a property. Whilst this is ideal for anyone who lives in an area that is prone to floods, earthquakes or hurricanes, those who are living in relatively safe areas may need to remove this from their cover.

How much liability coverage is provided in this policy?

Liability coverage is needed to protect a homeowner and all of those who live in the insured property from personal injury at the time of building damage. It is important to be aware of what is considered as liable and what is not.

It is also advisable to ask a current provider of insurance (car, life or travel) if they offer additional discounts to existing customers who wish to combine two or more policies with them. This reduction, usually a token of their appreciation for a customer’s loyalty, can sometimes exceed 15%, dramatically reducing premiums.


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