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As Christmas fast approaches, it’s usually the most profitable and busiest time of year for most retailers.  But, with so much competition around, retailers really need to get savvy and up their game, to make sure their tills are working overtime. Here’s how to keep ahead of the competition.

Make your store look inviting

It’s all about getting customers through your doors, so make sure that when they walk past your shop, they’ve got some incentive or other to come inside.  Make your window displays attractive, bright, festive and alluring.  Put your best selling products in the windows to give out that must-have vibe.  Make sure it’s clear to your customers what type of shop you are and what sort of products you have to sell, that way they’ll have good reason to enter your shop.

Start sales early

Traditionally, Christmas sales start on Boxing Day, but if you want to beat your rivals, then start your sales early.  Use your window displays to advertise your promotions and make customers feel that they’re bagging a bargain.  Most people are generally spent out after Christmas, but if you get them interested in your offerings beforehand, you could rake the cash in.

Make it easy to enter your shop  

This might sound a little obvious, but in fact a lot of people are often put off going into a shop if it’s difficult to get into. Disabled people in wheelchairs and those pushing wide prams often find getting in and out of shops a hassle, so make it easy for them.  Keep your doors open, or consider installing automatic doors for easy access.  Many retail outlets now have an automatic door opener that also increases accessibility for those who need it most.  And once your customers have got in your shop, make it easy to navigate around the store.  Don’t leave piles of big boxes down aisles so people find it hard to get through them; it will only put them off.  Nice, wide aisles with clearly defined areas are key for success this Christmas.

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Ease the frustration

Many people find Christmas shopping a nightmare, so make it easy for them.  Crowded stores with snaking till queues are incredibly off-putting so do everything you can to make the shopping experience as stress-free as possible.  Make use of all available tills, have enough staff on the shop floor to help out with any customer queries, make sure the shelves are fully stocked and help customers with their packing.  Even just giving a friendly smile and hello to customers can make a difference, so ensure your customer service levels are tip-top.

Don’t forget your website

Many high street retailers also have an online presence, where customers are able to shop for goods from the comfort of their home. After all, not everybody likes traipsing around the shops.  Make sure you devote time and effort to keeping your website up to date this Christmas and don’t neglect this side of the business.  It could well rake in more profits than you think.  Consider things such as easy navigation around the site, packing and distribution, marketing and search engine optimization.

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